Dedicated Co-location Inside A Securely Monitored Bank Vault At LasVegas.Net

Written By: Kimberly Freeman

LasVegas.Net now provides co-location services for those that require complete control over their server configuration in a 24 hour monitored vault facility. Co-location is when a company connects their servers to the internet on our super fast fiber optic connections stored in our climate-controlled and power regulated facilities. If a company does not already posses servers, LasVegas.Net offers low-rate lease programs. Shared hosting is also available to those companies that do not require dedicated computers and do not mind sharing resources with other customers.

Cabinets are also available to customers that would like the ability to lock their equipment, have more then ten servers they wish to fit in a single housing or for isolation purposes.

Co-location gives a company the best flexibility at the absolute lowest price. Companies get to choose the hardware configuration of the server and the software that goes on it. We maintain the connection to the Internet and environmental details such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), fire controls, air conditioning and monitoring.

The LasVegas.Net co-location data center is located inside our climate-controlled bank vault at LasVegas.Net, so your server will always be secure. Hosting with us alleviates problems such as over heating, dust, most fires and from setting up a special room to locate these servers and renting expensive internet pipelines. Also, the 24-hour network operations center response team will always be there when there is a emergency or just a reboot of a server for all of our co-location customers. Complete monitoring of all services is available on our network along with an IP-based security system which monitors the building and facilities.

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For Co-location services: http://www.LasVegas.Net/las_vegas_internet_access_colo.html
For Las Vegas internet services: http://www.LasVegas.Net

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