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Written By: Eurydice

Nowadays you will find tons of places to build your own web site at what looks to be great savings and convenience. But are you really saving anything? Or, are you just creating an unprofessional presentation on the web for your business?

When you use templates to design web sites, (though some of these templates are very attractive), some other person somewhere on the internet will have your exact same web site. The color scheme and pictures may be a little different. But people will still know that it was the same site when they see it.

Then, the day will come when one or more of your clients will happen upon your web sites long lost twin. Will this site owner have the same values and motives as you do in business? Will their content be profane or inappropriate? You must consider what kind of company will have the same template as your site. Then, imagine how it will feel when you notice your competitions site. Its been designed as a completely seamless reflection of their store image. Its simple or fabulous, classy or efficient. It looks like an extension of their store or business. Yours on the other hand, does not.

Yours is the best you could do to modify the template you chose. Customers have already told you that they thought it was odd that that it sort of looks like at least 3 other web sites theyve seen online. What a waste of time and money.

Self design web site programs have limitations on style and other important things. Plus people can tell the difference when you have a custom designed site. It just has a different sort of pop than sites using a predesigned public access template. Even though the public may accept the template site as your own site; when they view your competitors custom designed web site, they will know the difference. With a custom web designer you can have original graphics designed for your company. And plus its just easier and quicker to have someone build it for you. Some people dont want to come home after working 8-10 hours and build a web site for 4 more hours a night for 3 months, when they can have a web site up and open for business in one month or less with no headaches.

Most of these web template packages charge $30 a month or more to allow you to design a business web site and youre only limited to the designs they have available to you and everyone else online all over the world. And their price stays the same as long as youve used their software and templates to design your web site.

So What About Cheap Web Design?

So now youre thinking, what about these guys that want to charge me like $100 or $200 to build my site. Thats a good deal right? Well, as with most things in life; you get what you pay for. And, when youre trying to get over by paying much less than something is worth; you usually get exactly what you paid for.

Now ask yourself why someone would charge so little money for something that is such hard work to create? Unless of course, they are not working very hard on your project. Many low budget designers are merely using a full template with no original design elements to create your web site. This means youre even more likely to have the same web site as someone else because this person is using the same batch of templates with no variation for everyone. If they arent using templates; how much time do you think theyll invest in complicated tedious web design to make your site look unique if youve only given them $100 or $200? Its okay for a designer to use some generic items like buttons and photos etc., but when combined they should make your site look like a very distinctive and unique representation of your company. Do you think a designer like this cares enough to work hard and develop an original appealing site for you that is up to industry standards? And consider this. If youre new to the internet; they may take advantage of the fact that you may not know what is expected of a professional web site.

As with anything, it’s not always best to take the easy and cheapest way out. You will most assuredly pay for it in loss of potential business and redesign later if and when you become determined to take your business to the next level. If you only have a little money to invest in your business. It’s best to invest it in the right places and in quality businesses. Those returns have a much better chance at paying off. Anything else is just a gamble.

About the Author: Eurydice is head of Eurydice Company (http://www.eurydicecompanystore.com). Eurydice Company specializes in providing beautiful web sites allowing online visitors to stay informed about a company or shop for goods in their online store. Eurydice has extensive experience in professional web design, graphic design and online marketing.

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