Developing a Successful Email List

Written By: Anne Ahira

Developing a Successful Email List

Ask any top marketer on the internet what the key to success is and they will say – The List! Specifically, an opt-in list. This is the name and email address of all the people who have contacted you about your opportunity and given you permission to email them.

An opt-in list is critical to your success so make sure you focus on developing this from the very beginning. Incorporate it in everything you do – your ads, your website, your emails, EVERYTHING! Your goal is to get your prospects email address and develop a large subscriber base.

So, what’s the best way to accomplish this?

Offer Incentives

You can offer your prospects free incentives to join your list. Free reports, free ebooks, a free mini course on your product or service. Make sure that whatever you offer has true value and is something that will interest your prospect.

Run Contests

It’s extremely easy to get people to sign up when they have the chance of winning something. Make sure what you offer is highly geared toward your target market.

Use Pop Us Windows

Pop ups have proven highly effective in getting people to subscribe. Have your pop up display when the visitor first arrives at your website and give them a reason to sign up! Focus on the BENEFITS they will receive, what they will gain by doing so.

Make it Easy to Subscribe

People do not want to give a lot if info about themselves to strangers. They also don’t want a lengthy sign up process. Only ask for a few pieces of information – name, email address, country. You can find out more about them later when you have earned their trust.

The key to a successful opt-in list is finding subscribers and keeping them. Develop a relationship with your prospects by giving them quality information. By doing so, you’ll ensure they stay subscribed long enough to see that you are a person worth doing business with.

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