Do contrast helps in your design?

Written By: Maricon Williams

Contrasts give your design distinction, uniqueness, character and identity. A print design project is a probable conversation. If done properly, it can yield a positive feedback by that we can say that the communication process has been successful. If not, it will remain unnoticed and your marketing project will not get the impact that you are longing. Contrast is a good technique in creating a noticeable and understandable design and layout. Contrast can be size, color, direction, format or play between the expected versus the unexpected.

Size contrast can entail graphics or type. The greater the difference the greater the impact will be. To cite, in making type size in the headline a bolder text compared to the body text is used, it will not create same impact as having frail and small text. Sometimes the background color of the text also matters. Use a light or complementary background for your text or graphics to be visible or readable. Its no sense making them when you cannot grab the customers attention and comprehension.

Colors can be a secret ingredient to achieve what you want. The use of extreme or unusual or unexpected color can easily divert the eyes of the readers. Our eyes are used to seeing black and white so use other colors to attract human eyes. Believe me it can draw attention and it can make an obvious impression.

Enthusiastic graphics and intriguing photography can also create an atmosphere of curiosity and eventually interest on the part of the customer. You can use photos or graphics to highlight your main message. Sometimes it is effective to use this more that works to easily catch the attention of your target market.

Actual design is another form of contrast. A unique design or presentation of your marketing material like an unusual fold of fliers and brochures can add a dash of enthusiasm to your clientele. The bizarre texture or mixture of the paper and the strange personalization gives the material a sense of distinction which says to the customer that it is specially made for them. You can also add interesting colors to the envelope to add special presentation to your products.

Use of contrast is boundless it knows no limits. So explore and possess the chance to create a virtually unlimited design that can strike the competitors and the expectators off their feet. With contrast, you can create powerful, inviting, captivating and effective look for your marketing resources!

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