Do This And Your List Will Make You Money…And Lots Of It

Written By: Matt Callen

So assuming you have built your list of targeted prospects – all interested in investing their time into reading your free information and possibly checking out what other services you have to offer – how are you supposed to actually profit from your list? That’s basically what we all want to know how to do, right?

“The money’s in the list.” I think I’ve heard that quote about a gazillion times! Not that I’m tired of hearing it, because it’s short and sweet, and really gets to the point. And what’s so powerful about that quote is that IT’S TRUE.

If the money’s in the list, how do I manage to squeeze it out and get a little bit of it myself? You want to know what to do next – like send free content… then the next message, mix in an ad, etc… basically how to profit from the list, right?

It’s really quite simple. Help them profit. Sounds clich but it’s true. Research your market, and spend some time learning everything you can about the ‘passion’ of your list. Then share that info w/ them. Don’t ram it down their throats, but simply ‘share’ it with them.

That’s how to profit from it.

Some people get it all wrong by sending some free content, and then the next email is a slimy pitch… that’s not going to work. Honestly get involved w/ the topic and send them interesting stuff about it. Review some of the other products in your market, cite the pros and cons of buying into it… give your thoughts and then either recommend it or say stay away from it.

What makes me cringe is when I get some email offers from newbies or others that just don’t get it… they send these email pitches that reveal the fact that they don’t care at all about the well being or success of the person receiving it.

People can tell when they’re being sold and when you’re sending them an offer simply because it will make you money. They can smell it from a mile away and it immediately makes them put their guard up and not trust a word in your email.

Just treat them like a friend and share different bits of info and make recommendations as you come across them. Send your list valuable, quality information. Slip in an ad on occasion and track the results. You’ll always get the “un-subscribers”, but don’t fret it. Those worried about losing subscribers shouldn’t. Keep building relationships with the subscribers that you still have.

There’s lots of ways to approach it, I’m just trying to help you with the mindset portion of it, because there really isn’t a formula to follow. Some people are looking for the formula, like… send 3 content messages, then 1 pitch… wait 2 days then send another pitch followed by 3 all content messages, blah blah blah… And you’ll never have success like that.

One of the points I want to make is that there are many e-books and other sources that talk about how to build the list and the importance of the list but very few that continue give you a proven formula that works every time. The closest I’ve gotten to finding that formula is by simply following the idea of “Helping them profit will help me profit.” Respect your subscribers and they will return the favor – guaranteed.

Just simply share your research and knowledge with your list and only recommend top-notch goods and services that you’ve personally checked out and that you honestly believe will help your prospect.

Do that and your list will make you money…and Lots of It!
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