Do We Really Need The Internet?

Written By: Jim Edwards

As someone who earns their living entirely online, I
considered myself the last person I ever thought would
ask the question, “Do we really need the Internet?”

However, the extended power outage of almost 4 days,
ongoing loss of Internet access, combined with many other
events surrounding the recent Hurricane Isabel caused me
to reassess my priorities.

When “high-tech” business gets into a head-on collision
with a natural or man-made disaster, we all need to ask,
“Do we really need the Internet?”

Well, when you’re in line for 3 hours to get gas so you
can siphon the tank to run your father-in-law’s generator
in order to save $1,000 worth of food in three freezers -
you don’t need the Internet, you need the expectation
that you’ll find gas.

When you’re driving around for 2 hours trying to find ice
so you can have a cold drink and make your family more
comfortable on a 90+ degree day – you don’t need the
Internet, you need patience and a sense of humor.

When a good friend of yours falls 30 feet off a ladder
while helping his neighbors cut a tree off their house,
fractures his back and neck, punctures a lung and must be
airlifted to the hospital in critical condition – you
don’t need the Internet, you need faith he’ll be okay!

When the hurricane’s destruction threatens to ruin the
surprise 50th wedding anniversary party you’ve been
planning for over a year for your parents – you don’t
need the Internet! You improvise and set up a human
communication network that spreads the word to dozens of
people who still show up and throw a party that creates
memories that will last a lifetime!

When you can’t turn on your computer to get work done,
you can still grab a good old-fashioned pen and legal pad
and get more work done in the peace and quiet without
phones, fax or email to distract you than you could ever
get done when things get back to “normal.”

It struck me last night as I struggled to get my high-
speed Internet connection going again that I was much
more stressed over getting a stupid piece of hardware to
function than I was over driving 50+ miles to find gas
just two days before!

In fact, looking back, I was more proud of the fact that
on Saturday I found what was probably the last cold six
pack of beer in all of Southeastern Virginia than I was
about my last successful online product launch!

And after spending many days and nights in the dark, I
realized that the Internet represents the ultimate
convenience, but it’s also the ultimate business risk
because so much can happen to shut the Internet down or
prevent you from accessing it.

If recent events taught me anything, they taught me these
three truths about life:

1. Life is fragile and valuable – don’t take it for

2. Nothing is more important than the safety and well-
being of family and friends. Sometimes it takes a
calamity to remind us.

3. Anyone who depends on the Internet for their entire
livelihood should seek to diversify how they make their
money – just in case the Internet disappears one day when
you least expect it!

About the Author

– Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and
the co-author of an amazing new ebook that will teach you
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