Do You Yahoo?

Written By: Samuel Negron

Do You Yahoo?

Anyone with yahoo account ought to be aware……..
Yahoo is spamming you!!
That’s right, Yahoo has decided to give away all of your private contact information in their database to the
highest bidder! All your information is being distributed to everyone from telemarketers to health/life insurance companies! Outrageous? I think so!

If you have a yahoo account you need to do the following immediately, in order to ensure your privacy!

Go to:

A) Click on Account Info in the upper right hand corner.

B) After logging in, get to your Account Information screen, go down
to the “Members Information”

C) Click on “Edit your marketing preferences”.
You’ll notice that you’re probably signed up for everything.
Click on the 16 “no” buttons down the page.

D) Scroll to the bottom of the page to “Other Deliveries”
and click on the last two no’s
Then click on “Save Changes”.

It’s unfortunate that a company as big and well known as Yahoo
didn’t find the time nor make the effort to contact its members
to let them know they had sold them out. It’s despicable!

I hope I have been of service.

To Your Success,

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