Don’t Be a Browse and Run Victim

Written By: Robert Olson

Do you get a fair amount of traffic? Maybe, you are getting thousands of hits each
day but your visitors are leaving empty handed. If this sounds like your website,
you could be a Browse and Run Victim! With little or no sales, you know what it
means. You risk losing everything you have invested and for some that can be alot.
You can fix that browse and run problem with just a few sales making strategies.

Most people believe they have a really great website and sometimes, they have
every imaginable bell and whistle. Some people have what they feel are very
professional looking sites. When visitors arrive, they begin telling them all about
their company in great detail. These sites can be very business looking but with
sales at a trickle. Then there are some people who are real pros at getting great
search engine rankings. They may bring visitors in by the thousands but they are
still unable to make those needed sales.

Do you feel that you are a Browse and Run Victim? It is so frustrating when you
can almost hear the clicks as your visitors leave only moments after arriving. It
leaves a person wondering why sales are so low and that’s what we need to take
a good hard look at. To help solve this problem, let’s examine the visitor and the
site where sales are no problem!

People generally arrive at a site with the aid of a search engine, some form of
advertising or maybe a signature file. The person who buys, has immediately
found what they came for. From the time they arrived, benefits of the product or
service filled the air, pumping their desire to buy. More minor benefits with a call
to action of….. ‘buy now’ filled the visitors head.

A link to a company information page gave the visitor some background and
contact information. With added confidence, security and the desire to buy built in
since arrival, the visitor heads for the order page. Here the visitor found many
secure ordering options, making the purchase quick and simple…. and happily,
after making the purchase, the buyer surfs on. Within a few minutes, this buyer
receives a confirmation email giving assurance that the purchase would arrive
shortly or giving download instructions.

Have you ever clicked on a link for a particular item and found a maze? Sometimes,
you never find the actual item that was advertisied and this is a real mistake. If
you are advertising High Flying Golf Balls, take me straight to that page. Hit me
with a powerful headline then pour out the benefits. Continue pouring out those
benefits until you make me want to go out and hit those balls right now! Now, if
I am interested, I will click on a link and check out your company. Don’t tell me
all about your company from the moment I arrive…. that’s not what I came for!
Tell me about what I came for and there is a much better chance that I will buy
from you!

It may take a little more work to make content rich pages for various products and
services but the benefits are great. They make great doorway pages that can give
excellent search engine rankings…. plus your visitors can go straight to what they
came for! Remember that these have to be sales pages. This means that you have
to have them filled with professional sales material.

If this isn’t part of your expertise, you have a choice to make. Either you learn to
write hard hitting sales material or you need to hire a professional! If you have to,
make a few changes to your website. Let your ads direct your visitors right to what
they want to find and if you will make sure there is hard hitting sales copy on these
pages, you won’t have to worry about being a Browse and Run Victim anymore.

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