Don’t Be A Spam Artist!

Written By: Terri Seymour

One of the hottest discussion topics going around the web these
days is Spam. Spam is different things to different people, but
basically it is sending email advertisements to anyone who did
not request them or give permission to send them.

I do not consider an email from an acquaintance telling me
something they think might interest me- spam. I do not consider
people telling me about their business and asking for
advice-spam. I do not consider advertisements from companies I
have asked about-spam. I do not consider an invitation from a
publisher to join their opt-in list-spam. However, these
invitations should not be sent out in mass mailings.

There are, however, many things that I do consider to be spam.
Unfortunately, when I first started on the Internet, I was
guilty of spam once or twice. It does not necessarily make me a
bad person, just an uninformed one. Now that I know what is
considered to be spam and what is not, I would never in any way,
shape or form become a Spam Artist!

These are some things to avoid doing:

* Sending your ad to any email you come across – SPAM! Do NOT
send your ad to anyone unless they have asked for information,
or if they have joined your opt-in list.

* Joining every discussion and announcement list you can find
and sending your ad every few hours – SPAM! When you join these
email lists, they will send you an email with their guidelines
for posting. Please read and follow these guidelines carefully.

* Subscribing to an ezine and then replying to the ezine with
your ad – SPAM! This is one way to get yourself removed from a
lot of good lists. If you receive an ezine, do not reply with
one of your ads.

* Buying email address lists and blasting your ad-SPAM! Most of
the people on these lists probably do not even know they are on
them. Therefore, you do not have their permission to send your

* Adding people to your opt-in list without their permission -
SPAM! Inviting people to join your list is one thing, but adding
them without permission is a definite NO-NO.

* Visit every board you can, leave an ad and never come back -
SPAM! Message boards have specific rules for posting and are
usually for people to discuss and learn from each other, not for
posting ads.

If you are unsure as to whether something is spam or not, visit
some boards and ask other more experienced netpreneurs. It is
better to be sure than to be accused of spam. Join some
discussion lists also, to learn more about spam and what you
should or should not do.

Message Boards:

http://www.free-publicity.com/cgi-bin alk.cgi

Discussion Groups:


Visit these sites for more information on what spam is, what to
do about it and how to avoid it:

http://www.spamfree.org/ http://stopspam.sparklist.com/

Be cautious of the way you conduct your business. Some people
are tolerant of spam (if you are not a repeat or offensive
spammer) and will just hit the delete button, but some will
report anything they think is spam.

Do some research on spam and how not to become a Spam Artist!

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