“Don’t Have ‘Your Own’ Product? You Don’t Really Need To!”

Written By: John Evans

“Don’t Have ‘Your Own’ Product? You Don’tReally Need To!”
copyright 2001 John Evans

To make money on the Internet you need something to
sell! Pretty obvious.

And, you’ve probably read somewhere, many times, that
in order to make the ‘most’ money, you need your own
product to sell. Right? Yes! Well, maybe.

There is so much information to be had on the Internet,
where do you begin? Where do you get ‘your own product?’

It may surprise you to know that ‘your own product’ does
not necessarily mean, or have to be , something you have
written yourself!

Does it?

Look, when you go into a store, just about any kind of
store, does the store owner manufacture all the goods
you see? Of course not! He buys from a manufacturer, or
wholesaler, or some other middleman.

What does this have to do with you and Internet selling?


What I’m getting at is this; you need something to sell –
we all do. In the case of many of us online marketers, we
sell ‘information’. But not everyone has the knowledge,
expertise, or even the desire to write their own material.

And that’s understandable…

So the next best thing is to buy it from someone else –
then resell it. Just like the store keepers do.

On the Internet, though, it’s a bit different. Digital
Information, like ebooks and reports, is always a good
seller, and we only have to buy it one time. The shop
keepers need to keep restocking. You don’t have to.
And that’s the beauty of selling on the Internet.

But a word of caution.

When you purchase an information product on the Internet,
make absolutely sure that you have the right to resell it
to others. And, to make it a very good reseller, also
make certain that YOUR buyers have the same privelege.

Afraid of competition? Don’t be.

Thousands of new people are entering the Online Marketing
business; maybe every day! Many of them may also be
looking for something to sell…

And they might just as well buy it from YOU!

copyright2000-01 John Evans
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