“Don’t Let Your Visitors ‘Stay’ Away!”

Written By: John Evans

“Don’t Let Your Visitors ‘Stay’ Away!”
copyright2001-02 John Evans

Does your web site contain links to other sites?
Most web sites do, because we need to be able to
offer free stuff to our visitors, don’t we? Also,
we need to offer them useful links, as a courtesy
(and maybe a small ‘bribe’?) for visiting us. At
least, we should!

But having links to someone else’s site would take
YOUR visitors away from YOUR site. Not good! You put
a lot of time and effort into learning to build your
site, or paid good money to have someone do it for
you. You spent a whole lot of time and effort looking
for good things to sell, or affiliates to join. And
much time trying to find free stuff and useful content
for YOUR visitors.

Then of course, you spent hours, or weeks writing great
ads that will attract masses of traffic to your site.
And, writing ads and web pages so others will buy from
you (you did, didn’t you?). Then you had to look for
the best ezines to place your great ads in.

So, now you have a great-looking web site, with lots
of freebies. Good, useful content. Wrote some nice ads.
Placed ads in umpteen ezines. Traffic starts flowing to
your site. People are really clicking on those links
you so thoughtfully provided.

But wait! They’re clicking on links that take them to
— someone else’s site. And they’re not coming back!
Why? Maybe they forgot which site they came from
(yours). Or they just got too interested in that other
site. What ever the reason, they’re gone.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, after they closed the other
site that they would STILL BE AT YOURS? If they were
still ‘with you’, you would have more chances of
having a paying customer.

But How Do You Make This Happen?

It really depends on the program you used to build
your web site. I’ve been using one called WebExpress
for about a year (no, I’m not an affiliate, so this
isn’t a plug), and I just learned how to make a
clickable link (that goes to another site) that opens
up in a separate window. By doing this, when that
visitor is done with the other site, he/she can click
out of that window, or close it, and STILL be at my
site. I haven’t lost them at all. They’re still looking
at my site, and can browse it again (hopefully). So, see
if your program will allow you to do this. Since you’ll
lose fewer visitors, it’s well worth the extra effort.
copyright2001-02 John Evans
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