Don’t Upgrade Operating Systems!

Written By: Paulina Roe

If you want to upgrade to a higher level of operating system, as in,
if you have Windows 98 but want Windows ME – it is highly
recommended that you buy a full version of the system you want.
The version of 98 you have now may have errors on it, for
whatever reason (perhaps too many “hard” shutdowns where you
didn’t close out your windows first, or a corrupted file, etc.), and
these will not be fixed up or go away with an upgrade. Instead,
some things could get worse.

When you only install an upgrade, it’s typically called a “dirty
install” – that is because the previous errors remain in the system.
Even if you just installed Windows 98 new and then immediately
upgraded, you will still find that there are probably errors that
will come up. The only way to definitely get rid of the errors is to
format the hard drive and install the full operating system. This
leaves you susceptible to losing a lot of data, even if you fully back

Your best bet is to use the operating system you have. If you are
really wanting to upgrade, first back up all your data, and get
your disks for all software, drivers and such (your drivers for
modem, printer, plug & play – everything), and be ready to deal
with some hassle. When you back up – back up the registry files
too – you can lose a lot of information and operating needs if you
don’t take all this into account.

If you want to take a chance on keeping your errors, then install
over the first operating system. It won’t fix errors, but it won’t
in all likelihood destroy all your data, either. The only way to get
all the errors off is to format your hard drive and reinstall. By
formatting, you WILL lose ALL your files on that drive. Neither
choice is very appealing, to tell the truth.

I opt for a clean slate – back everything up and reinstall the full
operating system plus all your drivers and software. I have been
working on a SICK laptop for 2 weeks – because of a dirty upgrade.
I had to format and reinstall everything. Once I did that, we didn’t
have a driver, so my partner upgraded the Windows 98 – but there
was NO WAY to get it to work correctly again. So I re-formatted
and reinstalled everything again. Now that I won’t let him touch
it anymore, it works like a charm, and we turn it back to its owner
repaired. (Oh yes – and still able to get support from the company
because it has its original operating system in it – they will not
support it if we upgrade!)

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