Drive Solutions Inc, Expands Data Recovery Service

Written By: Woody Bowers

For over 11 years Drive Solutions, Inc. has been selling hard to find early model hard drives as well as new drives to large corporations, small business, and individuals alike.

During this time Drive Solutions has performed Data Recovery Services for many fortune 500 companies and Government agencies.

Drive Solutions Inc has expanded their Data Recovery Services to the public at a very economical price.

Drive Solutions, Inc. Specializes in recovery of Notebook and PC hard drives as well as other forms of storage media such as Digital camera memory cards, USB jump drives, CD, DVD, and more.

In previous years Data Recovery was far too expensive for an individual to afford. As time and technology have moved forward the cost of the data recovery service has decreased dramatically making it an affordable service for everyone.

Years ago you could expect to pay upwards of $3000.00 for the recovery of your vital data. Today the successful recovery of your data can run under $400.00 making this service very affordable for end users.

I spoke with the Director of Business Development at Drive Solutions, Bruce Masterson, who said These days we see a lot of our business coming from home computer users that have stored all of their pictures of family, vacations, and all kinds of personal files on their hard drive and nowhere else.

We all hear about how important backing up your files is however, not many people think about their hard drive crashing especially at home.

Nowadays more and more people store their music files, family photos, contacts, etc… on their home computers. These files usually arent worth $3000.00 to the user however, since prices have dropped for data recovery services more and more end users are utilizing the service. Digital cameras and mobile storage devices such as the Apple IPOD have created a real demand for an affordable data recovery service.

Those portable devices take a beating. People dont realize that if their portable device has a hard drive in it- the hard drive has moving parts and these parts can become damaged from shock. Masterson stated.

The Folks I spoke with at Drive Solutions, Inc. told me that all hard drives will fail eventually and to always keep my data backed up and to keep my backup files in a different location.

After my tour of their 10,000sq ft facility in Chatsworth, Ca, I realized just how many drives they work on every day. Thats a lot of hard drives failing around the globe.

When they say to back up your files before trouble strikes- Listen and do it before you have to use a data recovery service. Well be here when you need us but, take action now and avoid our service all together. Thats the last bit of advice I got from Bruce before I left their lab.

About The Author

Woody Bowers

About Drive Solutions, Inc.: Based in Chatsworth, California. DriveSolutions, Inc. is committed to delivering the most cost effective solutions for expert data recovery services. Drive Solutions, Inc. has been using their advanced technology and expertise to recover data for corporations and individuals alike for over 11 years. This company utilizes multiple world wide networks to source parts if needed. Delivering retrieved data in a timely manner, First class customer support, and confidentiality of client data is what keeps their clients’ coming back.


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