Dusty Desert Destroys Desktops

Written By: Nat Davis

“Whats a little dust? It may simply look bad on the surface but it could be destroying your computer from the inside out! The tiny fan found in many home and office computers, along with the layers of dust found in the desert communities of Arizona are the cause of many of the repairs we find ourselves asked to do. Keeping your computer clean will prevent the layer of dust from literally blanketing your computer in a dirty layer of insulation insulation that turns warmth into computer destroying heat when combined with these tiny fans. It is critical to keep your computer free from smoke and dust. Canned air, at the cost of $2 per can, can clean your computer for a year. Simply remove the case and direct the air into the tiny nooks and crannies. We recommend taking your computer onto your patio for this airing. Youll be surprised at the cloud of dust that spews out of your computer.

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