DVD Creation

Written By: Scott Brown

So you have created your masterpiece and want to put it onto DVD , what do you need?

Things you will need now
1. DVD authoring software –
Authoring software is used to import your video clips and create the necessary menus and buttons.
Once you have created your DVD you can use the authoring software or a separate burning utility to actually write the data onto the blank DVD

2. DVD Burner – to actually write data to a blank DVD

Making a DVD
To create a interactive DVD requires you to use a special kind of software called “Authoring” software.
Authoring is the process by which you link all the clips, graphics and elements of your DVD together.
Many DVD burners and low cost capture cards come with extremely basic authoring tools that let you create little more than a playlist for your DVD which is ideal for beginners but you may want to consider a full authoring package.

Some of the most popular Authoring software include Adobe Encore DVD, Ulead DVD Workshop, Sonic DVDit which make things very easy.

Here is a basic guide to the process
- First import the media you will be using into the project window
- Next create your opening menu. You can normally use one of the included templates to make this easy
- Now you can set up your navigation buttons. These can be dragged and dropped anywhere on your menu.
- The next step is to link each button with its “target”. The target can be a clip, a chapter point within a clip, a graphic or another menu. Simply drag the target to the menu and you now have your first level of interactivity.
- When your happy, Burn your DVD

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