e-Business Trends of 2004

Written By: John Evans

2004 was a huge year for E-businesses, as record number of
entrepreneurs decided to make their dream a reality and start
their own business. Working as your own boss is a huge
responsibility and can be extremely time consuming, as you
are essentially running a one person show. However, that
being said, the rewards far outweigh the amount of hard work
that must be put into starting your e-business. Instead of
struggling with office politics, difficult co-workers, and
unruly bosses, you can work out of the comfort of your own
home. Similarly, you can arrange your work schedule around
your life and your current responsibilities. For this
reason, many individuals who are unable to work traditional
hours choose to start their own e-business. Additionally,
individuals who are currently employed may wish to start
an e-business to add an income in addition to their work
salary. Before you dive in to the world of
entrepreneurship, you may wish to carefully review the
e-business trends of 2004. The year proved tremendously
successful to starter e-businesses in addition to current
web businesses. The internet is a continuously growing
entity with a huge number of customers who regularly
purchase items through the numerous retail websites. To
find the audience you should gear your website for,
consult an entrepreneurship textbook online or one of the
many available websites.

The most obvious trend is retail sales. Whatever you
choose to sell, you will find a willing customer on the
internet. Many creative individuals choose to sell
handmade items over the internet in order to turn their
hobbies and passions into a viable income. From original
jewelry to one of a kind artwork, creative and craft items
are a hot seller. Regardless what your business is
selling, properly advertising your wares will make all
the difference. You could be selling the best item ever
made, but if it is buried within a website afloat in the
massive sea of the World Wide Web, no one will ever find
your product. However, if you advertise in the correct
places, your e-business is sure to take off.

Another popular trend for e-business in 2004 was the rise
in web services. Individuals with technical skills
suitable for the internet have been relishing the success
of the e-businesses. These services can vary from
technical support to graphic design to web hosting.
Many successful e-businesses involve individuals who have
the technical know-how and the right equipment to host,
design, create, and maintain websites. Especially in this
technical age with a great deal of individuals bringing
their lives and businesses to the World Wide Web, the
know-how to create websites is an extraordinary talent
that can be quite lucrative.

The web log, or blog, has reached its pinnacle in 2004.
Serving as an online journal or diary, everyone from the
New York Times to the next door neighbor has embraced this
new medium with open arms. Finding individuals to host,
write, and maintain these blogs has been a surprising trend
of 2004. All businesses from accounting to zoology have
jumped on the blog bandwagon, but many do not have the time
or staff to create and maintain this new-found medium. This
niche has been slowly filled by individuals who will take
care of all sorts of blogging needs, although there is plenty
of room left for those individuals who wish to take on this
project for their own e-business.

Whatever your choose to focus your e-business on, your
execution will directly affect your success. Doing your
research upfront will save you a great deal of time with
hassles and headaches when unplanned events arise.
Furthermore, carefully planning your business will allow
you to set specific goals and deadlines to ensure you have
covered all your bases when dealing with customers and

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