Facts To Consider When Using An Article Marketing Submission Service Or Automated Software Program

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One of today’s most popular trends in website traffic promotion is Article Marketing. Go to Google and do searches under “submit your article” or free content to republish” and you will find hundreds of sites where you can submit your articles. These sites are willing to post your article so they have fresh content on their sites on an ongoing basis.

You benefit by receiving incoming links to your website. You also add a “Resource Box” at the end of your article, promoting your business or product. They benefit, as their website grows with good content in a variety of different categories. It is a win-win situation.

However, posting articles can become very time consuming. There are also many factors to consider in where and how to submit your article.

Some of these factors are:

1. How to find the best sites to post your article, where they will receive the most exposure. You want to make sure that sites that offer your article have the correct terms of reprint rights policies.

2. What type of Google Page Rank the article site has, how fast they are growing, and how well the database is maintained and kept fresh. The rank is important because your page rank will eventually be calculated by the rate of the website that has inbound links to your website.

3. Don’t just rely on Google Ratings, though. New directories are being created daily and growing quickly. Some of these new directories will be rising stars, and you can benefit from posting your articles in new directories as well. Google and other search engines are always looking for fresh, new content.

4. If you submit articles regularly, article website content owners are likely to consider special joint venture promotions with you. They are most likely to want to reward frequent publishers. This might include additional free promotion for your article.

6. Posting articles needs to be thought out so that you get your article in the appropriate category. You also want to check reputation and history of a content directory, to make sure you are putting your article in a place that will improve your reputation, and not damage it.

7. By getting your article published in a highly admired content site, your article will be published in more ezines and on more website’s. This means more traffic for your resource box link. There are several pieces of software that automate the process, and there are also places that will do this service for you.

Some of this software is time consuming to learn, and very expensive to purchase.

Many content sites have banned particular automated software submissions because of inaccuracies and major problems with their experience using the software.

Many content websites will accept html there are also many that totally ban it. Automatic software has been known to cause major errors with html error coding issues, causing major headaches for list owners and content site editors.

When you consider some of the submission options in the marketplace, it makes sense to just do it yourself.

By posting each article to each content site you can specify your selected category, which gives you total control over the outcome and accuracy that you desire.

Doing it yourself can be a full time job, though. Keeping a fresh and accurate database of the best sites to submit articles is time consuming, but also important.

Your target outcome should include the choice of categories and the ability to modify code in your resource links to each specific submission. You want to make sure that your article is placed in the most accurate way.

If you have gone the “do it myself” way, you are probably already overwhelmed by the time consuming tedious task it can be.

There is another way to accomplish this time consuming task. You can hire a service to send your articles to several sites, all customized to that directory’s specific categories and submission guidelines.

It is a known fact by successful online marketers that writing article to promote traffic to your website is a very successful avenue to pursue.

Remember that accuracy in how your article looks to the potential readers and publishers that view it, should be your number 1 priority.

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