“Fighting SPAM!”

Written By: A.T.Rendon

Junk email is estimated to have grown about 42% during 2001,
with the seemingly non-stop invasion of X-rated email, scam
offers from Nigeria, drugs and other such unwanted intrusions.

Analysts predict that the volume of email on the Internet,
most of it junk, will grow another 50 percent in 2002.

That is a lot of email!

With estimates that the number of Internet users is nearing
the 1 billion mark, the amount of email floating around the
Internet will only continue to increase.

The question many people want to ask is, “Are there any
sure-fire cures for all this junk email that we receive right
now and any more that may appear in the coming years?”

The short answer – Yes.

Make good use of your delete button! :-)

The long answer is – No.

No, there is no 100 percent cure for the spam that plagues us
all, X-rated or not. Not even pending federal legislation will
make a significant dent on all that junk. But there are several
ways to try and alleviate this problem.

Most email programs, including Microsoft’s Outlook Express, have
custom filtering features that are built into the program but which
are, more often than not, very much unused.

The big problem in using ANY email filter system is that
they may cause blocking of legitimate email.

Basically, you can set up filters to remove email that comes
from a specific email address or set it up to block email
which contains certain key words in either the Subject
section or in the Body of the message.

Netscape Communicator 4.0 or later also has filtering ability
but Netscape Navigator does not. And Eudora 3.0 and above
can also filter your email.

Filtering will not eliminate all spam email but it can make your
life on the Internet just a bit easier.

Just keep in mind that filters are a constant, ongoing process.
Spammers are always changing strategy to keep ahead of the
filters or other Spam Blocking software.

There are many popular email management tools to help you
combat the problem of SPAM which are free, available for free
trial or cost a modest fee.

For a FREE List of SPAM Resources via Auto-Responder,
send us a blank email to:

Once you decide how you want to approach this problem, then
it is just a matter of keeping tabs on your email and making
adjustments to block future changes that spammers might make.

Keeping on top of this will allow you to eliminate the majority
of the SPAM that is now finding it’s way into your in-box.

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