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Written By: Jeff Lakie

Printer ink can be a real hassle both at home and in your office. This is especially true if the person in charge of your printers is not staying on top of restocking it. It can be time-consuming to pull of the old cartridges, take them to the office supply store, search through the endless piles of cartridges looking for a compatible one, and they can be very expensive to buy. Like going to the doctor, it is a necessary evil.

You can cash in on other people’s reluctance at the amount of work and expense related with printer ink cartridge replacement. You can cash in by starting your own printer ink refilling or replacing business!

This is excellent job to do on the side, if you work a regular day job and don’t want to quit, but soon you will probably need to quit your day job as you may have enough clients to work fulltime. Your printer ink business can make house calls, or office calls, in a vehicle stocked with the most popular kinds of cartridges as well as a supply of ink and syringes so that you can refill your customer’s cartridges.

People won’t mind paying extra to have you come to their office and do the work for them, especially if you are clean, quick, and efficient. And with the inexpensive cost of buying ink in bulk, you can probably get away with charging the same amount that they would pay in an office supply store and still make a killing! Then it’s win-win for everyone: they don’t pay any more, but save on the hassle and time, and you still make a boatload full of money because of what you saved on bulk ink!

You will need to find the popular brands and maybe make an arrangement with an online supplier for large bulk orders. If you order a lot, perhaps you can get an even greater discount. You will want to stock up your vehicle with supplies of cartridges as well as a portable desk and a stool so that you don’t make a mess on your customer’s carpets.

Using a cell phone in your “office on wheels” you can schedule appointments with people. You can offer an “on call” service for an extra price and provide emergency service for people who have a large print job with a printer that suddenly ran out of ink. And as a free, bonuses service, once you have provided someone with printer ink and got them up and running again, you can offer a discount on their next service and schedule them right then and there. That way, you’ll be building up a guaranteed clientele as you go about your day.

It’s easy to start! All you need are a few supplies and you can even work out of the back of your car. However, if you want to create a great impression, get a van with a sign on the side. Put a little workbench and stool in the back.

If you market your service is properly, before you know it you’ll be the person to call when someone has need of more printer ink.

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