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Written By: Ryan Fyfe

With Billions of pages on the internet how do you find exactly what is that you are looking for? Chances are you have stumbled across different search engines, and maybe even used and tried out a few of them.

Aside from look and feel which search engine really is the best?
It used to be that Googles search results were far superior to any other search engine on the internet. With an increase in technology by Googles closest competitors Yahoo and Msn, its getting harder and harder to really sort through and say which one is really better.

With that in mind I would recommend using all of the major search engines to see which one returns what you personally are looking for. Ive found that a search engine that I use all of the time, and returns what I am looking for will be completely different for someone else searching for the exact same thing. Everyone has expectations for what they are looking for when they perform a web search. These expectations are different for everyone, and I believe that with a slight difference in the Algorithms of the major search engines, one of them will match what it is that you are looking for.

Due to the fact that there isnt much that hasnt already been exploited with search engine technology, all of the major sites have been pushing new features, to attract users. Gmail, Googles free web mail is an example of this. Gmail provides over 2gbs of free storage, and is growing everyday. With the ability to pop email stored on the Gmail server its hard to beat. Yahoo and Msn have offered web based email for a long time, and its exciting to see Google jump in the Game. Gmail is still in a Beta stage, but already its made a huge push in the market; Even convinced Hotmail to raise their storage limit by more than a factor of 10! This is only a small preview I think we will see in the next while, as the different providers fight for our patronage.

Other features which all companies offer are:
Local Search – Find things relative to a local area. For example: looking for pizza in Sacramento, California?
Image Search – Rather then browsing the web to find a picture of your favorite car or digital camera, you can easily search through millions of images using the image search provided.
Movie – This is one feature which I feel really sets Yahoo apart from the others. The ability to accurately search through thousands of videos all of the internet in only seconds!
Music – This is a feature offered only by Msn. Type in an artist or song name, and be taken to a page to view artist profiles and discography, as well as a place to purchase music online.

Take a look around and become familiar with all of the different services that Search Engines are offering now a days and make the most of your web experience, and find information as quickly as you need it!

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