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Written By: Kenneth L. Cluck III

Web Host Url: http://www.simplehost.com/cgi/clickthru.cgi?id=freeminz

Why is this host our featured web host? Because they offer unlimited disk space, 40 GB bandwidth, and many other unlimited features such as email, ftp, sub-domain names, and MySQL databases!

Many people say they don’t trust a host that offers anything unlimited because there is no such thing as unlimited. Well, think about it, they have many hugs servers and many hard drives. Even if you’re sharing the space you’ll still have enough space to expand. Everything about this host allows you to own a website of any size!

And with it’s price it’s great for small websites with large ambitions. Experts will ask about down time, well, I’ve been with SimpleHost for 2 years now and have not recieved any downtime! That’s a very rare thing for web hosting services. So if you hope to own a website that will either be successful or cheap to create than SimpleHost.com is the perfect web host.
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The owner of Freeminz.com, FindMyWebHost.org, HackMyEmail.com, and HackMyForums.com

Kenneth is also a web developer at Clearwater Web Solutions.

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