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Written By: Bogdan Voicu

A lot of the work I do at AntBiz Consulting involves wandering around the web in search for new ideas for web promotion and web design.

I accidentally went today to this website: www.SpreadFirefox.com

Yes, I did get there by accident (seen a button on one of Mishoo‘s sites – my best friend) and wanted to know what it is about. I cannot believe the community that has been created since the first time I used Firefox :)

I use FireFox (Thanks to Mishoo, either) since it was at version 0.8 and I have to say that I am more than happy with this browser.

But, let’s take it step by step.

1. What is FireFox?

Well, according to my knowledge Firefox is an open source Internet (Web) Browser.
Well, if you wonder what an internet browser is, you really need to download and use this. Why? Because I’m sure you are using a very flawed one that is already built in your Operating System, which is almost sure a version of Windows.

2. Why choose FireFox?

Well, first and most of all maybe, it is a hell of a great browser and it is free.
I will tell you the story of me choosing Firefox:
“About one or two years ago some problems started to really annoy me: Pop-up windows on my monitor, weird behaviour from my OS (windows, of course). I was sure that I had some kind of virus – spyware and adware, actually – but everytime I got rid of it, a new one appeared, or those that should have dissapeared appeared again.
Well, the only way of being sure that you have no viruses that I know is keeping your computer shut down. I should have done this, but a man’s gotta eat sometimes, isn’t it? :) Well, then I chose the next best thing: Linux Operating System, RedHat 9 at the time, to be more precise. Unfortunately, one of my clients needed something done in windows and I had to go back to that infamous Operating System.
This time, yet, I didn’t want to be surfing and getting all kind of spyware and adware, I wanted to get rid of pop-up windows, I wanted to have a free taskbar (I use to open 20-30 websites at one time), I wanted something that I could modify and add functionality to my needs. The solution? Of course, FireFox.”

Probably most of you have the same problem (I heard that windows put a pop-up blocker in their windows XP sp2, but I don’t think that will do any better, anyway, as their browser SUCKS!!!!).
Well, why not download FireFox then and give it a shot.

3. Firefox Advantages

Well, this is where I have a big problem: I don’t know where to start. :)
Let’s see the advantages in the order I needed at the time:
I just mentioned the above Pop-Up Blocker, a great customizable one, that really kept me away from adware and spyare, as from that annoying pop-up windows with ads that had a powerful sound that scared the hell out of me at night when I was working. :(
Tabbed browsing: I am able to open as many tabs as I want in a window. Imagine, you have three subjects of interest: open first instance with 10 tabs about that subject, open the instance with 7 tabs about second subject and so on. You don’t have to look for every window in a 30 windows stack. Trust me, it is a good time saver.
Toolbar Search: I use Google a lot. Well, I have it in my bar, at a press of a key. It is the same with Ebay, Amazon and IMDB, sites that I search around without having to actually enter the address. There are a lot more to choose, but these are the ones that I need. Oh, Yahoo, too :)
Themes: Did you get tired of the same colours? Choose in about 100 themes available or create you own! yes, you can create your own theme. As an example, I use Little Fox theme, which leaves me a lot of free space on my screen, as it uses small icons and fonts.
Extensions: Now, this is something so good, that I will make a new subchapter for it.
CSS compliant: Well, for those that are interested, CSS in FireFox looks exactly like the way it is intended to look. Those that don’t understand, don’t need to :)
Plugins: Flash, Javascript, any plugin you need. Easy to install and use.
Mozilla ThunderBird: It is the email client that pairs with FireFox. My default mail manager, actually. A great one, you should download that too.
Included Download Manager.

4. FireFox Extensions
Well, this is the cherry on the cake.
Let me tell you what these are: ways of improving functionality of your browser. You think you don’t need something more?? Well, I thought so until I tried some.
I have now these extensions on my computer:
WebDeveloper’s Toolbar: Man, I can’t live without it now. It shows me anything I need about a website: outlines block elements, table cells, shows table dimensions, image dimensions, clears cache at a press of a button. Really, there is so much to tell about it that I couldn’t stop talking for a day. You really have to try it. Download it here!
Google PageRank: Well, it is one of the most important elements you have to know about your website. I was very happy to see that it is actually both graphic and numeric, so you really know the PR.
Fireftp: You won’t need another FTP client ever.
cuneAform: for those HTML editings that you have to do fast on the site.
Download Manager Tweak: A tweak that enhances the download manager already built-in Firefox.
Maybe one of the most important, unfortunatelly: ieview – lets you view a page in IE (bleah). I have to use it in order to check the pages against this browser. Those that need it, know its importance.
These are only few of the improvements you can make to your site. All you really need is go there and choose those that better suit you.

Well, I hope that this is enough to make you download Firefox and give it a chance. It will only take 10-15 minutes to fall in love with it and quit your old browser.

This article is my modest contribution to Mozilla’s well being. I hope to see Firefox 10 :)
Contact us in order to find more about it.

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Bogdan Voicu runs http://www.antbiz.com , the online home of his web development and promotion company, AntBiz Consulting. From time to time, writes articles on various promotion subjects and internet tools.
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