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Written By: Tom the Webmaster

Internet access can be expensive. The high monthly fees that some Internet Service Providers charge is ridiculous. As a result, many people use their local library in order to obtain free internet access.

Is it possible to have Free Internet Access from the comfort of your home? YES, if you know where to look. This is a little secret that the major Internet Service Providers dont want you to know about. Free Internet Service is available from other companies.

As the result of charging high monthly access fees, the major ISPs monopolize everything with their advertising campaigns. They can afford large advertising budgets because you are paying for it on a monthly basis.

Get your FREE CD and have internet access. This sounds great. You can find these free CDs all over the place from the major ISPs. However, after you install the free CD and type in your credit card number, get ready for the high monthly cost.

Many consumers have complained about their access running very slowly unless they sign on at 2:00 in the morning. How many people want to get up at 2 AM just so they can get on the internet? These major ISPs have flooded the market with their free CDs and consumers have signed up for service. Consequently, there are hundreds or possibly thousands of people trying to log on and surf the internet at the same time in a given area. As a result, consumers are stuck with slow access and have to wait a long time for websites to be displayed.

Great News! There is an alternative to these high priced ISPs. You may not have heard of them before because they dont have the same advertising budget as the big companies. A free or low cost ISP cant afford to flood the market with free CDs. However, no need to worry, they can provide you with Free Internet Access.

Here is a little secret that the major Internet Service Providers dont want you to know. A Free ISP and a high-priced ISP give you the exact same access to the internet. There is no difference between the two. They are both allowing you access to the internet. Moreover, a free ISP might get you on the internet quicker and have faster page loads.

There are two methods of obtaining free internet access.

1. Free Unlimited Access with participation in a Sponsors Offer Program.

The first method of obtaining free internet access is by signing up with an ISP that requires you to participate in their Sponsors Offer Program. In reality, the sponsors are paying for your internet access. In return, they want you to visit them and participate in their programs. Use some caution with these ISPs. Most of the offers are free but some require a cost to participate.

2. Free Unlimited Access that is Ad-supported.

The second method of obtaining free internet access is by signing up with an ISP that is Ad-Supported. This is a great alternative. When you are searching the internet, you will see ads on your screen that are displayed from the sponsors. These sponsors are advertising their products and services but you do not have to pay anything.

There is another Free ISP that needs to be mentioned. MyFreei.com offers you 10 free hours per month. If you go over the 10 hours, they charge you a $1.00/hour up to $10.00. Thus, the maximum charge for unlimited internet access is $10.00/month. The good news about MyFreei.com is that you dont have to worry about any ads or pop-ups while you are surfing. In addition, you dont have to participate in any partner sponsorship program.

Take your time and research the above ISPs. Throw your free CDs in the garbage and get Free Internet Access.

Tom the Webmaster is a Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) and has spent time researching companies that offer free internet and free email. His website is Family Friendly and offers a special section on Protecting Children, valuable information for seniors, free stuff for women and a freebies section for everyone.

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