From Script To Form: Converting Postscript To PDF

Written By: Will Mathison

The premier computer language used in printing text and graphic outputs, Postscript is the precursor of Portable Document Format (PDF).

Postscript is chiefly inclined towards printed outputs rather than screen outputs. And it was precisely for this reason that PDF came to replace postscript as the de facto in electronic distribution of data.

Though postscript is older than PDF, it is by far much more complex. Its complexity makes it difficult for the ordinary user to grasp its concept and how much more to learn and master the language. This is where the need to convert postscript to PDF files may come in.

How do you convert postscript to PDF?

The main converter for postscript to PDF is the Acrobat Distiller developed by Adobe Systems. The Acrobat Distiller converts basic postscript to PDF file email, disk, or web-sharing.

Here are a few steps in converting postscript to PDF:

1. Save your document as a postscript (.ps) file.

2. Open Acrobat Distiller to start converting your postscript to PDF document.

3. From the Acrobat Distiller menu, select Distiller, then Job Options. Or you could use the hot keys Ctrl + J.

4. You can change the Default settings in resolution or amount of compression according to how you your postscript to PDF file to appear. Click OK.

5. From the File menu options, select Open or press Ctrl + O to locate and select your postscript (.ps) file. Click Open.

6. In the new screen that automatically appears, you will be asked to save your postscript to PDF file. Before doing so, assign a filename first. Postscript to PDF file generation begins immediately after you click the Save button.

Third party postscript to PDF programs

Aside from Acrobat Distiller, there are countless other third party versions of postscript to PDF programs. Aside from their user interface, these server-side postscript to PDF converters have all the features of the Acrobat Distiller. They also convert files written from postscript to PDF documents.

Postscript to PDF converters are implemented using a small command script or batch file that brings Ghostscript (a set of software that can interpret both postscript and PDF files) into play by selecting a special output device called pdfwrite.

The ironic thing with postscript to PDF converters is that they are generally more robust compared to Acrobat Distiller. Postscript to PDF converters can actually processes complex and difficult postscript files that Acrobat Distiller may not be able to handle. And in some cases, postscript to PDF converters generate PDF files much faster than the original software.

Third party postscript to PDF converters are widely available over the Internet. Most online conversion tools offer to convert postscripts to PDF without any cost. Other sites offer postscript to PDF converters as freeware and available for download.

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