Get your SUBSCRIBERS to READ your emails – using these 3 email marketing tips

Written By: Ashley Keane

As home based business owners, when we do marketing by email we ask ourselves, “Why are many of my subscribers not reading my emails? Why are they not buying my products?”

There are many reasons why your subscribers don’t WANT to buy YOUR products. The 3 most common reasons are:

1. Every email they get from you is about products that helped you.

2. They feel you don’t really want to solve their problems because you don’t know anything about them- but their email address.

3. Your emails have a “one size fits all” message. Your emails make them feel like one in a crowd, not like a special subscriber.

It’s not too late to change those common mistakes! Commit to really care for them. You’ll see them forwarding your emails and you’ll get more free targeted traffic!

Even more, they’ll look forward to hearing from you. Hence, make them feel special using these 3 tips in your email marketing campaign.

Tip 1) Don’t send the same message to all your subscribers. Have your subscriber list divided into at least 3 sublists like by country, US state, date subscribed, and interests.

Sublist 1: Country, US state of where they live

Have a great product you know will help your subscribers save time? Don’t tell all your subscribers about it at the same time. Think of ways to make your various subscribers feel special.

– For instance, let’s say most of your customers live in Ohio. Make them feel special with an email that says something like:

– I’m writing to you because you live in Ohio and your state is one of my top 3 states served. In other words, more subscribers have bought my product “5 tips ebook” than in most states in the country! As my way of saying thank you, I’m offering you, (and only my Ohio subscribers) this related product at 40% off the purchase price! I’m only offering this special for 4 days. After 4 days, all my subscribers and website visitors will need to buy it at regular purchase price. I’m glad to serve you.

Sublist 2: Date they subscribed

Think of ways you can mention the date they subscribed to your newsletters and product offers.

– For example, Hi Julie, you subscribed to my “top restaurants in Maghreb” newsletter in September. September 14 is my birthday and I’m happier every year knowing that I’ve helped people like you Julie, save time and money eating well in Maghreb. As my way of saying thank you, I’m sending this free special report on “How to cook a delicious Maghrebin Tangia in less than 20 minutes” to all my subscribers who subscribed in September.

Sublist 3: interests or preferences

Get to know your subscribers like you know your friends. It’s easy and quick. In your emails begin to write a few lines on your own interests.

– For instance, name where you went for a vacation, how you spent the weekend, or music preferred. Many subscribers will email you back sharing their interests.

Tip 2) The first paragraph must include the specific benefits they will get when they finish reading your email.

Your subscribers have too many emails to read. Why should they read YOUR email? Write whether they’ll get more money, time or love with your information.

– For example, your “weight loss tips’” newsletter has an article on ordering meals at restaurants with natural sugars in carb-rich foods. How can you get your subscriber excited? Offer the benefit of keeping the extra pounds off. For example:

– Hi Julie, Welcome to this week’s weight loss tips by officialoverweightnomore.com . Today’s article will show you how these 2 natural sugars in carbs cut YOUR cravings by a whopping 80%. Start eating them this week so you can beat mood swings and have more energy during the day! Say goodbye to fatigue. Enjoy! [article full text goes here]

Your subscriber will get excited about keeping the extra pounds off when they read “cut your cravings by a whopping 80%.” Your subscriber will be glad to know your helping them lose weight with specific tips at the beginning of your email. You bet they’ll skim over the article, and not put it off to read later.

Tip 3) Treat your subscriber like a friend by writing specific emails, using numbers or percentages AND words like “you” and “your.”

– For example, in your latest “weight loss tips” e-newsletter you wrote 3 tips to help people lose body fat. Just how do you grab your subscriber’s attention? Be specific.

– Hi Julie, This week’s weight loss tips from officialoverweightnomore.com will show you some foods that help you lose your body fat. Get ready to add the protein that melts away 20% of your body fat in your meals. The next time you’re dining out, know which dairy to order so you burn 81% more belly fat. [your specific tips and research proof goes here]

See how using specific numbers like “20% of your body fat” make you WANT to read more?”

Once you use these 3 email marketing tips, many more of your subscribers will read your emails. Remember, send customized emails to your sublists, and tell them specifically with numbers and percentages what benefit they’ll get once they finish reading your email.

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