Great Printing Expectations

Written By: Ariel Velasco

Ideally, we would want to have printed what we see on our computer monitors exactly as it looks. But such is not the case in reality. It is a fact that there exist a certain degree of difference between what is perceived from computer screens against images that are printed by printing presses.

Images generated by scanners and digital cameras are combinations of three colors namely Red, Green and Blue (called RGB). Computers make use of these colors as well in displaying images. A different set of colors are used by printing presses in printing colored pictures. The colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) are used here and this difference will force us to make needed color adjustments.

If we want to print an image with an RGB format, it is required that we convert this file to CMYK as this is the format used by printing presses.

Since printing presses use a standard-value conversion of RGB images into CMYK, the output may not be enough for your taste. What must be done is for you to make the conversion. Through this, you will have the final say on the appearance of the image that you want to have printed. Worry not, there are software like PhotoShop and Corel PhotoPaint that you can use in the conversion process. I highly recommend doing this because it certainly is worth the effort to have great results being realized.

A limitation though that must be known though is that some colors in RGB cannot be made using CMYK. These are dubbed as out of the CMYK color gamut. The closest that can be done here is a good approximation of the original image, nothing more.

Problems like this can be avoided if you have made a thorough assessment of your needs beforehand and have made the necessary provisions. Consulting with your printer wont hurt and they can even give you pointers that will prove to be very useful. Like I always say, things like this always need a very good planning. It pays to be prepared.

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