High Definition DVD – Facts About It

Written By: Ispas Marin

High definition DVD represents an evolution of the present DVD format. Regarding its video and audio quality, high definition DVD is much better than the actual DVD as this was compared to the features of the old VHS videotapes. The birth of the high definition DVD was determined by the evolution of the television sets which have become capable of displaying high definition pictures, fact that requested a step forward for the home video.

In other words, high definition DVD’s aim is to provide 1080 lines of video resolution, compared to the 576/480 lines presently offered by the actual DVDs.

Why would anyone want a high definition DVD? For the same purposes why people prefer DVDs over the old video tapes. Regardless the high resolution video and audio features, the bigger storage capacity of high definition discs will eventually represent the end of single movie multi-discs sets, an important quality that will allow for more extra features to be included on one disc. For example, an entire season of a television show will fit prefectly onto just one single disc.

But what will be the destiny of the present DVDs? No matter the high definition DVDs anyone will choose, they will definetely be compatible with the present DVDs. This means that any DVD collection does not need to be replaced. This is possible because many of the present DVD players have an upscale feature (meaning to increase the video resolution using digital manipulation) that allows them to change the existing DVD movies to a higher definition. This feature will later be used for all high definition DVD players. Although this upscaling operation will not provide the same ‘unforgettable experience’ as high definition movies, it will allow the existing DVDs to be shown in their best possible way, without losing any resolution.

You will find more info on the compatibility for each specific format in the FAQ section.

Is it possible for a computer to playback high definition DVDs? Presently, there are no computer systems on the market that are capable of playing these high definition discs. The moment the hardware and software arrives, most of the 2.8 GHz or higher rated computers will definetely be able to playback high definition DVDs without any problems occuring. But the highest video/audio resolution movies (like 1080p with high definition multi-channel audio) may require a faster computer or/and a good audio decoding hardware.

the providers of the PowerDVD software, Cyberlink, has already displayed a playback of a HD DVD using PowerDVD and an Intel Pentium D processor at the Digital Hollywood conference in September 2005. More info on this presentation can be read in Cyberlink’s press release.

What are the formats for the the high definition DVD? The two main formats are: HD DVD (pay attention not to cofuse it with the general term of High Definition DVD, which refers to any high definition DVD formats) and Blu-ray disc (BD).Some formats called EVD and FVD can be found mainly in Asia.

In conclusion, high definition DVDs represent the future of home video display.

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