How I Increased My Site Traffic By 75% In 30 Days

Written By: Syd Johnson

1. Page Title Google likes a good page name. If you look at the top ten listing for any search term you will see that the name of the page is often more important than the domain name. The page name is the unique factor that will prompt web surfers to click over to your site.

Most people dont spend their time sifting through the domain name and even the site description. Pick a good page name and it could make the difference in the order of your listing and whether or not you get that click.

2. Page Name Yahoo seems to heavily favor the long page name route. I have had pages appear in the top ten searches with really long URLs. If the URL matches the exact search phrase that was typed into the search engine, I can usually get my page in the top 10 searches.

3. Content over SEO Having good site content is a much better strategy than stuffing your pages with keywords. Too many keywords can get you penalized or banned from the search engines. Good site content will keep you in the engines and prompt people to make one way links to your website and internal pages.

4. Be useful The most popular sites are consistently the ones that offer great tools, tips and advice. Offer free articles, web tools, how to advice, instructions, maps, phone numbers, insider tips etc. These are the things that will make your site sticky. You will become an important resource worthy of a bookmark and possibly backlinks.

5. Add a Blog Blogs are a good way to get site traffic because your RSS feeds can be distributed all over the web with just a few site listings. You can increase your page rank by listing your website or your blog in the top blog search engines. This gives you another source of free traffic and links.

6. Content Structure People dont read on the web, they scan. If you can keep this tip in mind and structure your website accordingly, you will get more visits for longer periods of time.

How do you make your site easy to scan?
Use subheadings
Indented text
Bold text
Numbered text
Different types of fonts
Small paragraphs etc.

7. Link Freely Dont be afraid to link to other websites including your competitors. If you consistently link to websites with a high google pagerank, your page rank will also increase. Google determines your site worth by association. Associate with the best, and soon your website will be one of the best.

8. Get more tips and tools on how to build a website at http://www.2buildawebsite.com

If you use a combination of these techniques on your website or blog, be prepared for a significant increase in site traffic within 30 days.

About the Author: Syd Johnson is the executive editor of http://www.2buildawebsite.com This article may be distributed freely as long as there is an active link back to the site.

Source: www.isnare.com

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