How Many Wolf Tickets Have You Bought Lately?

Written By: Edward Thorpe

Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!

Who let the wolves out?

The internet wolves, that is.

Yeah, they’re out. The wolves, that is. And they’re acting
like — well, they’re acting like wolves. Imagine that.

Banana tree plants do what banana tree plants do. Under
the proper circumstances, banana tree plants produce, well,
as you know, they produce bananas.

Try as you might to change a banana tree plant’s behavior,
it ain’t gonna happen. You can dress that tree up to look
like a rubber tree. But you won’t get any rubber. You’re
still going to get bananas.

Dogs sniff doggie butts and lick themselves. Dogs have even
been known to poop on your clean floor. But hey, they’re
just acting like dogs. You expect this type of behavior
from a dog.

What type of behavior are you accustomed to from a wolf?

You wouldn’t expect wolves to show you loyalty, would you?
Nope. You’d expect a wolf to take whatever it could from
you. And run off into the night.

Never to look back. No phone calls. No postcard. No
how’ya doin’, can I help? Wolves take what they can grab.
Don’t plan on hearing from them — until they’re hungry
again. Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mam.

You could try to contact them. It’ll waste your time. But
you could try. Wolves don’t answer phone calls or emails
when their bellies are full. They only howl when they’re in
the hunt.

Yeah. I’m referring to the internet wolves. If they looked
like a wolf, you’d know how to stay away from them.

But the internet wolves come at you all dolled up to look
like a, well, they might look like a rubber tree.

You’re not stupid. So how do they get away with that?

These wolves will go to extreme lengths to fool you. They
sell the hell out of their trustworthiness. They’ll even
pretend to be real people. Just like you.

Trust me, they whisper. I won’t abandon you. I Promise.
I’ll be here for you. Just buy today. I’m offering you the
ticket to your dreams.

Look at all the Free Bonus Stuff you’ll get. The wolves
croon… After all, wouldn’t this Free junk ( I mean, These
Fabulous, Marvelous, Life-Changing Bonuses) cost you more
than what you’re buying!

How can you lose with my no questions asked, money-back
guarantee? The wolves ask sweetly.

Ahh. The money-back guarantee? Why doesn’t the guarantee
take away their profits. If they’re selling junk?

Simple. They understand people. They know why you buy.
They know you can’t tell useless from the useful. Even
better, you’ll wait too long to make a return. It’s a fact
that with info products the vast majority of buyers don’t
look past the first few pages.

Then the scammers, uh, wolves, put the pressure on you.
They appeal to your emotions of loss, fear and greed.
Remember, they know people.

The tactic they use?

The old take-away. One of the slickest trick in the book.

They make their offer sound too good to be true. But before
you can dwell on that… They take their offer away. They
trot out the old time limit gimmick. Goes something like

But you can only get this deal – if you buy today! You only
get my personal help if you buy now. Or they use the –
specials are only good if you buy by Midnight… Buy, buy

IF you’re an internet newbie. If you’re an inexperienced
business person. If you’re at the end of your rope. If
you’re desperate. If you’re looking for a mentor.

You’ll buy. Yes you will. You don’t know better, yet. And
you’ve been played like a piano. So you buy.

Yep. That old wolf, all gussied up to look like a rubber
tree, done got your trust, your money and that wolf’s done

That rascal done sold you a Wolf Ticket. And you didn’t
even get taken out to dinner first…

Buy, buy Baby. By, By.

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