How Much Are You Saving by Refilling?

Written By: Barry Shultz

There is a formula for figuring out exactly how much money you
can save by using a refill kit. You already know how expensive
OEM inkjet cartridges are and you don’t have to be a rocket
scientist to know that you can save money by using them. But
how many people know EXACTLY how much money they are
saving? If you really knew I’d be willing to bet that if you aren’t
refilling now, you are going to take another look after reading

I’m going to use our HP790C3B kit as an example. This kit is used
for refilling the very popular HP 51645A black and HP C6578 color

Here is the formula:

S = (RC x CCC) + (RB x CCB) – RK

S = Your actual savings over the life of the refill kit
RC = The number of color refills in the kit
CCC = Cost of a new color cartridge
RB = The number of black refills in the kit
CCB = Cost of a new black cartridge

Lets plug in some numbers. Today I checked the prices of the
aforementioned OEM cartridges on Staples web site.

HP 51645A – $29.99
HP C6578AN – $54.99

Our HP790C3B kit refills:

Black – 3 times
Color – 5 times

The kit sells for $27.95.

Here is the formula with the numbers plugged in:

S = (5 x 54.99) + (3 x 29.99) – 27.95
S = (274.95) + (89.97) – 27.95
S = 364.92 – 27.95
S = 336.97

Quite an eye opener isn’t it? By spending $27.95 you can save $336.97. I would get some ink on my hands to save $337.00!

I believe wholeheartedly that if more people knew how much money they can save there would be a lot less of these cartridges ending up in the landfills.

Just please remember, start small. If you’ve never refilled before don’t start by ordering a gallon of ink.

About the Author

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