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Written By: Michael Goldman

Paid Autosurf programs pay you for viewing some websites. You can either sit in front of your computer and watch the sites displayed by the autosurf script, or go away and do some other things while the sites are being shown.

You usually get paid to view a certain amount of sites. It can vary in different programs, but averages at about 30-100 sites per day. Every site is shown for 30 seconds or so and it may take you up to 1 hour to surf all the sites for that day. You can join several programs and surf them all together.

This is autosurfing, and all you have to do is to log into your account every day and click on the start surfing button. You will see a new window openned up and different sites will be shown in it. The best feature of autosurfing is that you don’t really have to sit and watch these sites, you can just login to your account, start surfing and forget about it, while doing some other things.

In paid autosurf programs You are paid a percentage of your current upgrade (investment). The percantage may vary, but most stable get paid to surf programs pay 1% daily for 365 days, which is 365% at the end of the year. Several program may pay you 2-3% or even 12%, but the risk is much bigger then, so it’s recommended to split your investments between 1% programs.

Payments are processed every month, either at the beginning of the month, or at the end. You can request a payment if you have earned a minimum amount needed to get paid. The minimum requirement is around $10-$50, averaging at $20.

When you join a program, you usually get a free upgrade of $10 to start with and few hundreds of free credits, you can use to advertise your sites. You can surf as a free member with that upgrade, but it will take much more time to get paid, when if you upgrade. In fact with the free $10 you will be earning $0.1 a day, so you may earn the required minimum $20 in 200 days and that’s a lot of time, but if you upgrade with just $50-$60, you will be earning enough to get paid every month.

You can also advertise your sites for free at all the autosurf programs. While surfing you earn money and credits, these credits can be allocated to your sites. This is great opportunity if you have a website, you can advertise it for free and get thousands of hits every month. These are real people who view the sites, so you can earn for ads shown on the site, or generate sales and earn referral comissions.

Paid autosurf programs present you one of the easiest ways to make money online. To start earning you don’t need to invest much money or buy any expensive equipment. You don’t have to recruit other people, no hard work at all is needed. All you need is to login to your account and click on the start surfing button. What can be easier?
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Michael Goldman is an online entrepreneur with several years of experience in Autosurf arena. He makes easy money online with HYIP and Autosurf programs. You can find more information at his site Paid Autosurf Articles and Reviews.

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