How to add random RSS content to your site

Written By: Joan Masterson

Most savvy internet
marketers will know how important it is to have fresh content added to their
sites on a daily basis but the problem sometimes is to find the time and/or
content. Adding an RSS feed is a good way to add fresh content to a site, but
the problem again is that most of them only get updated on a weekly basis.

I have been wracking
my brains trying to find a semi- automated way to do this to make my life a
little bit easier. The search engines are always looking for fresh content –
adding random RSS feeds seemed to be the answer!

So I did so some
searches on the Internet to see what is available. A search for “add random
content to site” sure enough brought up a bevy of links – most of which went
to sites that wanted to sell me their products for hundreds of dollars!

Having been on
the Internet for quite a while I know by now that most of the information that
is on sale can most times be found with just a little bit of work. So I refined
my searches somewhat and I found a gem that I would like to share with you for.
You guessed it – free! It will take a bit of work from your side to tweak the
script a bit, but it’s worth it, right?

First you will
have to head over to: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex17/randomiframe.htm
and copy the available java script. This displays a little content box 130×130.
Go on, before they decide to start selling it!

Paste the script
into your favourite editor and make the following changes:

To change it to
display your content you will have to make the box a little bigger. To achieve
that you have to change this piece of code:

width=130 height=130

I have mine set
to width=500 height=800 but you should change it to fit your content. Play around
with it a bit and change the width or height where necessary. If you do not
want a frame around your content, change this piece of code:

to frameborder=”0

To display your
content, you will have to create html pages for it. For now, just create a blank
html page, I will show you later where to get the content for it.

As you can see,
the script calls the pages like this:

– change the “random” to whatever you want to call your created html page –
e.g. successstory1.htm.

You can basically
display unlimited pages with this script. To add more pages to display, just

e.g. randomcontent[4]=”random5.htm”,
randomcontent[5]=”random6.htm” etc.

You can now add
the script to any page that you want to display random content on.

To get free rss
content to rotate, head on over to http://www.goarticles.com
They also have literally thousands of free articles that you can use for fresh
content on your site.

Add the code for
the rss scripts to the blank html pages that you have created (or an article
if you so prefer) then upload all your pages to your server. Make sure that
the page that you are calling them from (the page with the randomizer java script)
and your content pages are in the same directory, otherwise you will have to
change the path to the pages in the java script code!

If you would like
to get more rss feeds, just do a search for “free rss feeds” on any of the search

So, there you have
it. Randomized rss content for your site without having to pay a cent. Enjoy
your fresh content and the increased traffic!

About the Author

Joan Masterson
is the owner of http://www.womenatwork.co.za
– a site that offers free work at home resources and information

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