How To Attract Visitors And Make Them Stay On Your Website

Written By: Mary Invernizzi

Do you have a beautiful website, yet not enough visitors? Are they coming and leaving your website within 10 seconds? For example, when was the last time you reviewed the content of your website? I will give you 6 Proven Internet Marketing Tips to bring your website alive. I assume its your goal, right? Once you implement these 6 steps you will see traffic increase and more sales.

Tip 1

Review your sales copy (usually, your main page).

Are you talking to your targeted visitors through your website? Say what? What do you mean? Reportedly, you have 10 seconds to grasp your visitors attention. One costly mistake done on beautiful websites is emphasizing the companys history and product features without really connecting with the visitor. What is the result? The visitor leaves the website in less than 10 seconds because he didnt see clearly how the company will benefit him/her. This is a costly mistake because you lose the opportunity to sell to a targeted visitor. You lost a customer!

The most profitable website is one that states how its information and products will benefit the visitor and the problem it could solve. For instance, it is like you visiting a friend and he talks only about himself and all his accomplishments without really telling you HOW he can help you. Got it? Good! Take these steps to review your sales copy:

a. Review your website and see whether the text attracts your targeted visitors. For instance, use YOU and YOUR throughout your website. Ex. I can help you with

b. Have short paragraphs, up to 5 lines. Highlight the important benefits your company offers to your visitors. Clearly state how your company helps solve your visitors problem.

c. Offer a Free Newsletter, or a Free Report, or Free Tips. In this way, you can build up your e-mailing list by collecting your visitors first name, email, and country.

d. Make it a weekly habit to review your websites sales copy.

Tip 2

Make sure your websites buttons are easy to find so the visitor clicks on exactly what they want to know. Recommended places to have your buttons are on the top part of the page or at the top left corner. It must be visible.

Tip 3

Determine the specific actions you want your visitors to do while they are visiting your website.

a. Buy your products?
b. Read your articles?
c. Subscribe to your newsletter?
d. Sign your guest book?

Knowing your purpose ahead of time is important to help you determine the context of your website. For example, you can have different pages leading your visitor to different options. If your visitor does what you intended them to do, then you will have what is called a conversion rate. This takes us to our 4rd step.

Tip 4

Calculate your websites conversion rate, which is different than your sales conversion rate. Are you wondering how? Ok, let me tell you how you can do it easily. Go to your traffic log, write down the amount of traffic per month, and see how many people did what you were expecting them to do for each page. Remember? Was your intention for them to buy your products, read your articles, subscribe to your newsletter, or sign your guest book?

Tip 5

An easier way to get your targeted visitors to stay on your website is by doing a search engine optimization to make sure you have the right keywords, description, titles, etc. This will help you target your specific niche market. For example, if you are selling nutritional supplements, you will make sure you are targeting people looking for those products instead of targeting people looking for school books, or automobiles. It might take some time, but believe me it is worth it. You can get started now with these simple steps:

a. Add your main keywords in your title and throughout your sales copy. Use them within contents, not only listing them.

b. Your best way to attract targeted visitors is through Overture – Yahoo Search Marketing, a pay-per click service reaching about 80% of active internet users. You can establish a minimum budget of $30 monthly ($1.00 daily). Benefit is that you get instant traffic and if your keywords are within the first 3 positions, you will appear not only in Yahoo, but also in Google, MSN, Altavista and leading sites across the Web.. For example, most of my targeted visitors and sales derive from this service. The other benefit is that your website will rank higher.

c. You can check your traffic ranking in Alexa. Click here http://www.alexa.com

d. You can download free your Google page ranking tool. Click here or check directly here http://toolbar.google.com

e. You can register in Yahoo Search Marketing.

Tip 6

The most important step, if you are selling products or services, is to make sure you have the products or service listed with an explanation on how they benefit your visitor. Make it simple and visible.

a. Add images of your products and how they can benefit visitors.

b. Add testimonials. Make sure you include their first name, place of origin, or their websites to add more credibility.

Bottom line, apply the above 6 Proven Internet Marketing Tips to attract visitors. Remember, do not be afraid to make changes to your beautiful website to make it profitable. Ask people for advice, test it, and make necessary changes periodically. Remember that the main point is that you are talking to your visitors through your website. Hence, the center of attention is how YOU can solve THEIR problems. Believe me, they will stay longer than 10 seconds.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and implement these 6 Proven Internet Marketing Tips and let me hear from you.

All the best and chers to your profitable internet business!

Mary Invernizzi

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