“How To Automate Your Sales”

Written By: Al Martinovic

Are you capturing your prospects email addresses and using a follow-up system?

There are different ways to capture an email address. You can put a form up on your site to have people join your list or use popups or exit popups, to just name a few.

The 2 most important aspects of capturing an email is:

1) Create an effective headline –
Your headline will strongly determine whether your prospect will “opt-in” to your list or not. Make your headline enticing.

2) Offer a freebie of value –
Offering something for free (a free ebook, a free report, free software, etc.) of perceived value in exchange for their email address.

Don’t offer a freebie that can be found all over the web. Make it different and unique so it can only be found on your site.

Once you have captured your prospects email address you can run them through your autoresponder which will have pre-written messages that you have already created. Create at least 7-14 messages to ensure a better response.

What’s great about autoresponders is that you only have to set it up once. Once you are done your autoresponder works for you 24/7 whether you are online or not. It is an automated sales machine!

If you are not capturing email addresses and using a follow up system on your website, you are losing money! Autoresponders are an important piece to your sales puzzle.

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