How to create a successful directory

Written By: Brett Hull

I write this article just days before I will launch my directory-hosting-site. The site will make it easier and cheaper for people that wants to make a directory site without any money and and knowledge. It will make life very easy for everyone that wants to create directories and edit them. I will however write about directories in generall not just for the ones that’s want to have them on my site.

What’s a directory? A directory is a site that includes organized links. It’s organized by following: startpage->categories->links. The most known directory is Dmoz.

Why do I need a directory? Directories can in many way be a good resource for your website. It makes it interactive. But you can ofcourse have many other reasons to create it.

What is your main reason for creating one? Is it to make a valueable resource for a specific group of people, is it because you want to get more visitors or is it simply just because you want to earn some money by putting up ads in it? Whatever your reason are, try to get it all based under this. In other words, If you run Ferrari site and want to get a valueable resource for your user than try to get a directory with design that fits your target group and add categories after your users main interests. Every serious site and directory have a speciall target group. The succesfullness is more or less how good you are on customizing it after your target. If you want to get more visitors than use reciprocal links. That will give you a link back on every site that submit in your directory. It will also raise your chance for your site to show up in searches. If you simply want to get money than you need high traffic. A reciprocal linkdirectory combined with relevant ads would do the job. But than again, a valueable resource got a bigger chance to become popular and gain traffic than some spam-attempt.

How do I put up relevant ads? I suggest to try out the google adsense adsystem. It is probably the worlds most used relevant adsystem. Your income on that depends on how much the advertiser is ready to pay you. Link: https://www.google.se/adsense/

Good luck!

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