How to Generate 5X More Money….using the hidden power of Email

Written By: Scott Klarenbach

Effective Email Marketing is the only way to do business on
the Internet. But, most people have no idea what that means.
They only have a rehashed version of what has been repeated
thousands of times all over the net. Well, we’re about
to settle all of the myths here, to uncover a can’t lose
email stategy to ANIHALATE your competition.

I’ll show you what I mean by giving you an example…

Let’s say you’re selling fishing rods. No matter how
good your website is, there is no way that you should
advertise the link. Yes, you read that right! Because
like most people, if you send the people straight to your
website, all you can do is hope that they buy.
If you’re lucky, they’ll leave you their email address.

Well, let’s say 200 went there. (the number doesn’t matter-
as you’ll soon see.)

At an average of just under 2% conversion (industry standard)
4 people bought your fishing rod. Great! If you sold the
thing for $30/each, then you just made $120 on an ad
that maybe only cost you $90. The amateur thinks at this
point “I’m in the money.”

This is the type of marketing that is destroying your business.

What do I mean by that? Well, you just made $30. ($120-$90
–for the sake of the lesson, we’ll forget about the cost of
manufacturing and shipping the fishing rods)

Now, next week, what do you have to do in order to make
that same $30 again? You have to write and pay for another
ad. If everything goes the same (and it might not!!) you’ll
earn another $30. But are you starting to see a problem here?

Every week, you are not making 4 sales, you are losing 196.

You spent your hard earned time and money to write an
effective ad, you designed a good headline, you set up a
well written presentation, and after that, you threw 196
people away like they were garbage!

Every lead you generate from advertising costs you money,
and each lead is worth its weight in Gold!

You have to use email to stay in constant contact with your
leads for many reasons. (if you know these, keep reading-
it gets better.)

#1. You may have to contact a lead multiple times
in order to get a sale. So, out of those 196 people that
you’ll never see again, a lot of them were potential sales
that you let slip through your fingers.

#2. If you keep all of your leads that you generate, over
time you will have the most valuable thing on the planet
for a marketer – a unique mailing list.

Now, why is a mailing list so important? Well, instead of
having to re-advertise every time you want to sell another
fishing rod, you can just do a Free mailing to your list,
and you are just as likely (probably more) to generate sales.
Plus, a mailing list is good for a lot of other reasons.
Ever heard of a backend? This is when you sell your
customer one product and then over time after you are in
communication with them, you sell them a much more
expensive product.

Now, it is hard to sell somebody something high-priced right
out the gate. So, if you build repore with them over time,
each and every lead you have could be worth thousands of
dollars in additional products.

Now, I can here you saying “But Scott, we already know this.
I offer my traffic a newsletter (or something) every chance
I get. I even have pop-up windows after they leave
to try one last time to capture their email…”

This is the point you’re missing in your advertising…

Why send them to your website at all to begin with?
You shouldn’t advertise a link to your website. Have your
prospects send an email to your autoresponder system, and
then have the system send out the website address.
This ensures that every single person who responds to your
ad will be forever in your mailing list until they either
buy from you or opt off the list.

Now, lets clear something up. If you want to get someone’s
email address these days, you have to offer them something
of value in order to get it. A free course for example :-)
They may have clicked on your website out of curiosity,
but nobody is going to give you their email address unless
you convince them that you have something of value.

If what you have for them really is of value, your sales can
go up by 1000% just by doing email marketing. And, if you
don’t get the sale the first time, you can followup with your
clients an unlimited amount of times until you do.

So, let’s review. This time around, you advertise your
fishing rod the same as always. But, now you’re savvy
enough to know not to just send people to your website.
You advertise a FREE report entitled “How to Catch 450% More
Fish your First time out using 5 Simple Techniques.” You can
compile these reports from free information located all over
the Internet, and once you have it, it costs you nothing to
give away. Plus… your report will basically reinforce the
idea that your fishing rod is the best one on the market.

Now, 200 respond to your autoresponder to get the Free
Report. You send them the Free report, with a link to your
website, and you load the report with reasons why your rod is
superior. (the report can’t just be a sales letter though.
If you don’t provide good info, your client will feel
cheated.) Now, because of the informative report, out of
200 people that responded, 4 buy. Well, hey, that’s no
better. But, much more important, is that you now have the
email addresses of all 200 people.

(most people don’t buy until the 5th followup.)

So, instead of blindly HOPING they’d subscribe to your
fishing newsletter at your site, you left them no choice.
The only way they can get what they want is to subscribe
right away. Every week or month you send them another
interesting fishing article.

The article has to be somewhat useful, and nothing says if
you’re giving useful info, that you can’t plug your product.
Over the course of the next 2-3 months, an additional 20 people
signup for your fishing rod. Now, that’s 5X more people
than the first time – and you still have their email address.

You can sell these people new products as they come available,
without having to readvertise. So not only are you
increasing your overall sales, but you are building an
exclusive mailing list that will one day allow you to stop
advertising altogether!!

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