How To Get Listed In Yahoo For Free!

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How to get quickly listed in Yahoo for free
Over the last couple of months, services which carry
out site submission have seen their effectiveness
gradually eroded.

Let’s look at a typical submission scenario to get the
big picture.

You submit your site either automatically or by
hand, then you wait a few weeks. If the search spider
likes what it sees, it adds your site to the list.
If not, it simply ignores your site. We’ve all heard
stories of engines, for example, penalizing a site
because its on a free host.

*Free* search engines had previously profited from
significant advertising revenue. However, for many
reasons which we shall not go into here, the
advertising market crashed, carrying with it the
revenues of the sites which depended on advertising

With the fall off in advertising revenues they
jealously regarded the success of the pay per click
search engine models.

A transition then gradually took place, with the free
search engines now either requiring:

a:) Payment for listing
b:) A customized interpretation of the pay per click

Transitions are never usually easy and fraught with
sundry hiccups. Such as Looksmarts horrible
undertaking to switch from “free service” to
“payment for listing” to “pay per click” model.
All this in a short space of time. This decision
was based solely on revenue benefits. The
inadequate implementation only served to annoy and
alienate their clients.

But how can you get listed in the major search engines
without paying for listing?

The answer lies in a *simple* linking strategy.
And no…I am not referring to link farms which will
probably ensure you never get listed.

The free and easy way to get around all of this
quagmire, is to link to a site which is already listed.

Search engines look for sites with related content and
some of them also want discover the site naturally by
their spiders. So if a site is already listed, and
you link to that site, the next time the search engine
is doing its spidering cycle. It will spin down to
your link and add it.

Bingo, you’re added faster than you can say
free site submission.

I know for a fact that this works because my site,
(a one page sales letter, with only one external link)
is listed in both Google and Yahoo and I never
submitted them, or paid for submission.

Now how do you get a link on another site, preferably
a popular site, as these are spidered more frequently?

You can do this by :
a:) Contacting the webmaster of that site
b:) Writing articles

My personal preference is option b.

With this option, you write your article, add your
resource box at the end of the article, make sure to
include your website address and submit your articles
to the various article announcement sites.

If a site likes your article it may be archived on their
website and the search engine spiders will pick up the
link,which will also have the added benefit of
*relevant content*

If your article is carried by a lot of newsletters and
websites, you will also have increased “link popularity”
which will boost your site’s ranking.

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