How To Get More Free Promotion For Your Blogger Blog

Written By: Andrew Peacock

Did you know that Blogger is actually limiting your ability to get visitors to your blog?

That’s right. Although it’s free and provides a great service, there is one thing that Blogger could do for you to make it even better. But, as they don’t do that, you’re about to learn how to do it yourself.

Buried deep within the Blogger settings is an option called “Notify Weblogs.com”, which is described as “Weblogs.com is a blog update notification service that many individuals and services use to track blog changes.”

(Note: this update notification service normally called “pinging” – Blogger “pings” Weblogs.com with the update to your site).

This is one way your blog is promoted each time you create a new post – Weblogs.com lists your post’s title, the time it was updated, and a link back to your blog. In return, there is a chance that the search engines find that link and then find your blog. Once they find your blog, they’ll start to index all the pages and list them somewhere in the search engines.

Notice I said “there is a chance…”. Go visit Weblogs.com and take a look at the time that the first post was submitted, and the time of the last one was submitted. If you’re lucky, there are about 5 minutes between the two of them.

Which means you’re post will be listed for 5 minutes, and then it’ll drop off the bottom of the list.

That’s not long for the search engines to find your link, is it?

So how can you improve the odds?

Simple – submit to more sites like Weblogs.com. There are dozens (at the time I write this, about 50-60) well-known sites like Weblogs.com that list blog entries submitted to them.

50-60. And yet Blogger only submits to one of them.

So how can you submit your blog URL to the other 50-69 sites?

Simple. Each time you update your blog, visit http://www.pingoat.com or http://www.pingomatic.com, and enter the name and URL of your blog in the form. Then select the sites that you want to be informed of your update. Pingoat and Pingomatic will then contact those sites on your behalf (and for free) to let them know about your updates.

That’s it.

Start doing that on a regular basis, and you’ll start to see more traffic to your blog.
About the Author

Andrew Peacock is the creator of the BloggerPinger software, which can automatically ping the other 50-60 sites each time your Blogger blog is updated – without you having to remember this each time you add a post. Drop by http://www.bloggerpinger.com to find out more.

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