How to Get Started Writing Articles for the Internet

Written By: Susan Dunn, the Marketing Coach

Writing articles for the Internet is one of the best ways to promote your practice or products and it doesn’t cost a thing!


The most popular articles are “how to” articles, but you can also think “topical.” People who produce websites and ezines are always looking for articles relating to Valentine’s Day, for instance, or tax time, or spring! If my dentist can put out a brochure promoting teeth cleaning
for a Christmas present, and also as a “back-to-school special,” I bet you can think of something!

Then you need to research web sites where you can submit your articles. You won’t get paid for writing, but people who use your articles have to keep the byline intact, and this is
where you can tell about what it is you have to offer.

You can start with this site, www.digital-women.com. Another
site is www.ideamarketers.com, where articles on all sorts of topics are welcome — self help, empowerment, web design, Internet marketing, management, family, holidays, Christian themes, inspirational … you name it. www.makingprofit.com is a site that welcomes articles about making money!

You can search for other article submission sites on the Internet.

Some of these sites allow, or require, some html coding. Don’t despair! There’s a primer here that will show you what you need to know: http://www.web-source.net/html_codes_explorer1.

The second type of submission you need to know about is yahoogroups. These require you submit via email and in a special format. They want the number of characters across each line to be
65, including spaces, and to know what the word count is. This is to make it easy for webmasters to format your article.

Notepad is the best way to do this. You can do this on Notepad on your computer. You can also go here: http://w ww.notepad.com for a FREE program that will allow you to edit large files, format your text, convert it to html, and also has a spellchecker.

You can also format your article online here: http://www.jbmckee.com/formatit.

Go here: http://groups.yahoo.com/ to read about yahoogroups and find the ones you want to subscribe to. You must join them in order to submit articles to them.

The third submission site to know about is www.topten.org. Here you can submit “top ten” lists, which are quick and easy to do. The Top 10 Ways to Organize Your Life, or The Top Ten Things I Know About Web Design … let your imagination roam free and you’ll quickly discover all the things you know about to write about.


In exchange for all this free writing you do for editors and publishers, you get about 6 lines of copy at the bottom of your article where you can talk about yourself, what you do and what
you have to sell. Use it for all its worth, and you’ll find its well worth your time to write and submit articles on the Internet.

Does it work? I’ve gotten 100% of my clients that way!

About the Author

Susan Dunn helps clients market themselves on the Internet and offers an article-writing service. Visit her at www.webstrategies.cc/articles.htm and mailto:sdunn@susandunn.cc to start making more money today.

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