How to get the case off your PC

Written By: Mark Berger

This is the first step to servicing, upgrading or removing PC hardware from your PC. Refer to my other articles on adding, upgading or removing just about any piece of hardware.

First things first, get that case off your PC. This is usually done by removing the screws on the back. Don’t remove the ones near your power supply! This will cause your power supply to fall out. Simply remove the screws along the side that seem to be holding the case to the frame. Usually, this is about 6-9 screws. This will remove both sides. If you are aiming on only removing one side (sometimes this is best, as you only need to service one side) then remove the three screws holding the one side on. (For clone PCs. For IBM/Compaqs, refer below). After you’ve got the screws off either the one side, or both sides, simply slide the sides off towards the front side (the side where the power button is).

If you’ve got an IBM or Compaq, you will need to remove all the screws holding the case onto the back, and then employ one or both methods. Some IBM PCs require you to “yank” the case off. Don’t be rough – just remove the screws, then hold the PC in both hands and pull the case towards you, in the direction facing the front. Some of these can be quite annoying to get loose. The other method is using push tabs – some PC cases have these, so if you are having trouble, look for these puppies.

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