How To Get Your Online Education — Part Four

Written By: Joe Bingham


By now you’ve covered the basics in your chosen field and you’ve
started to apply what you have learned into action. You’ve got some
experience of your own now, and you are learning from your

How then do you advance further?

Obviously, if you’ve been in contact with an expert you can still gain
from that contact, but you’ve also developed another important
resource at this point as well. Yourself.

If the world still depended on the knowledge of the first generations of
man, you would not be reading this today. Obviously then, it is
possible to create new ideas and advance into new ground based on
the basics of education that you already possess.

This is creativity.

They key to creativity is to constantly be thinking of ways to improve.
Look for holes or rough spots in a process, then think of how you can
fill them or smooth them out. Look also at the best points and discern
what element makes it the best. Can that element then be used in the
entire process?

Asking questions of both others with knowledge and experience and
yourself can lead to answers that further your education. Talk things
out with someone you respect or learned from in the past. Always
maintain a relationship with those you’ve determined to be good

At this time, however, you’ve also got to step back and accept the
fact that you do have both strengths and weaknesses. While your
strengths can move you ahead, your weaknesses will drag along
behind you, slowing your progress.

Identify your weaknesses and find ways to make up for them. Either
take the time to pursue further education in those areas, or use others
to fill them for you.

For example, an Internet marketer that is great at promotion may be
holding himself back with weak writing skills. He then has two
options. Either hire someone to do his writing for him and let him
continue to do what he is good at, or seek out an excellent writer to
learn from and put in practice time to improve the skill.

Either way, it is the identifying of strengths and weaknesses that allows
for further progression in the learning process.

Fortifying your weaknesses is an obvious need, but you can also
progress by pushing your strengths. One excellent way to gain from
our strengths is by putting them to use in helping others. We’ll move
on to that subject as this series concludes in part five.



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