How to increase your E-Mail Marketing Results !!!

Written By: Thomas Kraemer

Are you using e-mail to promote your site or service?
Then you can increase the results you get without having
to do more work just by using an autoresponder!

Fact is the the majority of people will not respond to an ad
when they read it the first time! You have to stay in contact!
You will get more sales when you follow up!

Now this doesn`t mean that you send them the same ad
over and over. That`s not a way to close a sale! Instead you
will create a series of differnent messages!

First message could be your normal ad! Just send it out to
your leads as your doing now! The second message could be send
2 days later and reminding people of the benefits of your offer!
You can also add a free bonus to make it harder to refuse again!
Put a time limit on the bonus! The third message should be send
right before the bonus runs out! Remind the people to join now to
claim a bonus! Fourth message can be send a week later. Tell
people how sorry you are that they missed your bonus offer and
renew it! But just for 24 hours! Increase the value of your
bonus this time!

You can of course send more follow up messages than 4. Its also
a good idea to put a free gift into every messasge! If your readers
get valuable content with your ads they will keep reading your series!

Now this sounds like a lot of work, doesn`t it? You`re wrong!
Of course it would be a lot of work if you had to mail out the
messages manually and keep track of who`s to get which message!
That`s why you will use an automated system! An autoresponder!

Instead of giving out your web-site URL in your ads, you put a link
to your autoresponder! Now prospects can request more information
by simply sending an e-mail to your autoresponder adress! The
responder will then send your messages in the order and
timely manner that you did specify! Automatically! You just advertise
the way you`re used to and your autoresponder does all the work for
you with following up your prospects until they buy!

About the Author

Thomas Kraemer
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