How To Keep Visitors On Your Site Longer and Bring Them Back Again and Again

Written By: Chris Small

You work very hard to bring traffic to your site. When
they finally do get there what happens? Well in a lot of
cases they…. leave. Yup, they simply move on to the
next site. That click happy mouse hand just doesn’t like
to stay put for long.

Whats a poor webmaster to do?

Following are five suggestions that will keep the mouse
clicks within your site.


The first area to look at is your copy. What are the first
30 to 50 words that a visitor reads (if they read it at all).
Is it compelling? Does it tickle the readers fancy enough
for them to keep exploring?

You need to learn and apply the art of copy writing. If
you can not write an effective presentation for your site
you really should consider hiring someone who can.
After all, whats the point of doing all the marketing only
to lose them on the first paragraph.


Yes, we’ve all read that you can have a terrible looking
site but still make money with effective copy. While there
may be some truth to that, it is certainly no excuse to get
sloppy in the design and presentation of your site.

When meeting new people you always want to look your
best. Likewise on the web, that first impression is
extremely important. This static collection of pixels on the
monitor is all that they have to go by. Make it a good one.

I am competent enough at using html and software
programs to build a decent web site. But, my objective
is not a decent web site. It is to have a GREAT web site.
So I have chosen to work with one of the best designers
on the Internet. If you are serious about presenting the best
possible site to the world then I encourage you to find a
skilled, artistic designer too.


How can you discover what it is that your visitors are
truly looking for?

For starters, do a reverse search at the Search Engines.
Some of the bigger Search Engines like Excite have a
search voyeur http://www.excite.com/voyeur_xt that
shows you the actual words and phrases that are being
used at that moment.

Visit the busiest sites that are in your industry. Look at
what they are offering and how it is presented.

Conduct an in-house survey. Ask your visitors and
newsletter readers what they are looking for. You’ll see
a much better response rate if you offer some type of
incentive for them taking the time and effort to fill out
your form or questionnaire.

One more thing… Keep It Fresh! Constantly update the
information on your site. Let your visitors know this too.
They will want to bookmark your pages if they
understand that next week there will be even more of
what they are looking for.


Give something of value to your visitors. Ideally, you
should strive to offer something that is unique and of
great interest to your target audience.

Following are some of the methods that we have recently
employed and found to be exceptional at keeping traffic
on our site longer and bringing them back again and

Free Internet Marketing How To Reports,
Free Audio Training Reports,
Entertaining (but fast loading) FLASH Video,
Links to other Resources,
A Book Store,
Free Advice,
A Chat Room with Voice capabilities,
Free Classified Ads.
Internal Banner Exchanger

Some of these features work so well that other
webmasters are emailing to ask if they can offer links
directly to them. Many other sites have voluntarily
republished many of our original reports too.


In every email communication that you send out you
should be promoting your site. After you sign your name
make sure to add a hot link to your site. A short ad or
signature file is also quite acceptable in most messages.

Even though we just mentioned newsletters and ezines,
they merit special mention. Currently there is no better
way to bring large amounts of previous visitors back to
your site than to stay in touch with them via email.

Encourage all your visitors to sign up for your newsletter
so that you can remind them of the features of your web
pages. Of course you will have to provide quality content
in your Ezine as well.

There are many other methods to keep your visitors
clicking back to you. But with these five suggestions
you should be well equipped to receive that much
sought after repeat traffic.

About the Author

Chris Small is a cyber entrepreneur and host of the very successful
‘World Deal Center’. His main website is
You are invited to sample some of Chris’s other articles by going to

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