How to save important information in the modern world?

Written By: Michael Kashirin

Some time ago my hard disk drive had been crashed. I tried to restore at least something from it using special services. But specialists were implacable: hard disk drive is dead without any possibility to restore any information. It’s a great pity. I have lost a lot of useful information.

Each, who uses computers, knows that regular backups are necessary to save information from crashes or accidental deletion. It is ABC for each user. But is it true? Does backup copy of some important information guarantee its safety? I think that the answer is not.

How do you create your backups? What do you use? Right! You use another or the same hard disk drive, CD or DVD, floppy disks, streamers, etc. I.e. you use another electronic storage media. Is it safe? Yes and not. From one point of view, modern electronic storage media is quite reliable. But no one of them guarantees 100% of safety. I think it is true. Another hard disk drive, CD, DVD, floppy disk or something else where you keep your backup copy may crash as well. Probability of such accident is always greater than zero.

I create backups as most of you. I use electronic storage media as well. I write backup copies of necessary information at CD. But I do not believe in electronic storage media. Today I know only one reliable storage media. It was invented long time ago in ancient China. It is paper. I write all important information at the paper and I am sure that sheet of paper will not crash.
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