How To Stop Spam

Written By: Gary Cain

Special Report: How to Stop Spam

I imagine you have seen, heard about, or already know what spam is. But just in case you dont, it is unsolicited and unwanted emails that arrive in your email inbox from a person or company that you dont know.

What you might not know, however, is that now there is a law in the USA designed to protect you from specific types of spam yes, there is more than one type of spam — the variety and methods used are shocking.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has created a law called The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 to pursue, fine, and prosecute blatant and persistent spammers.

Furthermore, the Department of Justice (DOJ) works actively to shutdown or fine offending web sites or emailers by enforcing this relatively new anti-spam law.

Unfortunately, the sheer volume and different types of spam require you, the reader, to have available in your hands, a proven solution for defending yourself and your computer from the onslaught of spam email. You might be asking yourself: But, Gary, how can I defend myself when there is so much spam everyday?

Well, Im glad you asked.

The solution that I am talking about is new, really works, and is called

Internet Self Defense: How to Protect Yourself While On The Internet.

This well-written and information-filled handbook provides no nonsense solutions that you can implement immediately to solve not only problems with spam but also problems that concern

Phishing Scams,

  • Clone web sites

Online Transaction Security,


  • Pop-up spam
  • Deceptive spam
  • Email address harvesting spam
  • Free anti-email software

Doing Business Online,


Security Products, and

  • What they do
  • Where to find them

Internet Fraud.

Plus this book shows real examples of the

Department Of Justice Response, and how to

File Complaints.

If you want to quickly and permanently stop these Internet Bad Guys, then you need to get your personal copy of this unique handbook at an incredibly low introductory price but only for a limited time. Get not only yourself a copy, but also a copy for those that you care about, as an excellent gift for

Christmas 2004

New Years Day 2005

Valentines Day 2005

A Loved Ones Birthday, Now or in 2005

Mothers Day 2005

Fathers Day 2005

Easter 2005

But remember, dont wait, this price is introductory, so can get this great book now while the price is right. Okay?

Enough said.

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By Gary E. Cain

Author & Publisher


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