How to successfully use eBay.

Written By: Steve Auleta

How to successfully use ebay.
Ebay is the world’s most successful auction site. If it exists, it’s probably on Ebay.
Using ebay is free. Click on this link. http://www.ebay.com/

1. You must register first. Click on register. Type in your information. Agree to the terms of use. You will get a email confirmation from ebay.

2. Click through categories or search for your item. Select item.

3. Abbreviations – NBW (never been worn) NIB (new in box) BIN( buy it now) NWT (new with tags) S/H (Shipping and Handling) FS (factory sealed) GW (gently worn)

4. Bidding and buying. Enter your bid. The amount you want to spend if you are positive you want to buy it. You have entered into a contract with the seller once you enter the bid. Click buy it now if there is a buy it now price. If you are the highest bid you will go to the payment screens.

Check the item when you get it. Is it what was advertised? If not, contact the seller and try to resolve it. If not, ebay has many programs to handle problematic sales.
Not working? Click this. http://pages.ebay.com/help/welcome/getting-started.html

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