Written By: Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

If you’ve written numerous articles, you can use them to
further promote yourself and your business, e-zine or
web site.

You can re-use your old articles by transforming them into
another form of promotional tool.

And one way to re-use them is by turning them into an e-mail
workshop. By doing so, you’ll be able to offer a new product
that will help you establish your credibility as a business
owner, e-zine publisher or web site owner.

Even though you’ll make use of old articles, you won’t be
offering a re-hash.

Why? Because once you transform your old articles and gather
them together to form an e-mail workshop, you add a more
focused learning dimension to them. For this, you’re able to
create a new and effective marketing tool.

So how do you do it? In a nutshell:

1. Gather all your articles and find a common theme among
them. If you’ve written a number of articles aimed for
beginning online business owners, these articles can make
up one e-mail workshop. Your e-mail workshop can be a short
one (2-4 articles) or a long one (5 or more).

2. When you’ve identified a common theme, arrange your
articles in a way that provides some sort of logic or flow
to them.

3. Assign one article as one e-mail module. If you’re using
4 articles, your e-mail workshop would consist of 4 modules.

4. Take a good look at each article. Does it look like you
can weave the activities within ‘lessons’ or will it require
you to separate the ‘lessons’ from the ‘assignments’ —
information first (your re-written article) and then hands-on
activities or tests after?

5. Do your articles use the ‘you’ voice? If not, re-write
as if you’re telling your friend a story. Do your articles
sound formal? Even though you’re ‘teaching’ something,
strive to keep it lighthearted. Be engaging and friendly,
but never be too flippant or condescending.

6. Include additional resources at the end of each module.
These resources could be online references and researches,
and even more intensive lessons.

7. Proofread.

8. Insert your promotional texts in the beginning, middle or
end of each module. However, don’t overdo this. People who
will request your e-mail workshop are going to see through
you once they find out that your promotional texts far
outweigh the lessons and valuable instructions in your
e-mail workshop. Put value over the content of your e-mail
workshop first and your workshop takers will trust you and
believe in your expertise.

9. Put your e-mail workshop on autoresponder and set the
time each module will be sent. You can use free or fee-based

Before you announce your e-mail workshop, test and re-test
it first. When you’re certain everything is fine, go ahead
and announce it.

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