How to Use Email and SMS Marketing from the same Database and get superior results.

Written By: Rick Rakauskas

Do you ask for the email address of everyone you meet?
And their permission to send them your stuff on a regular basis?

If you haven’t ingrained this habit yet you are missing out on heaps of $$$!

And spam issues aside, email marketing is still a killer application.
Teamed up with SMS, it is very hard to beat for the price.

Let’s see how really switched on businesses use both to make a motzah.

The original email/SMS system was created around 5 years ago to service
the dance party market in Southern California. Then, ravers had to stay one step
ahead of authorities, so party notifications were very time sensitive, often being
just a couple of hours before start time.

Email and SMS was used from the one database.

Fast forward to now, and Murgent.com.au is to my knowledge still the only bundled
email/sms provider that can construct campaigns using a common (web based) database.

Here are some applications to get the juices flowing.


Say you operate a restaurant. You have been diligently collecting names and contact
details for your VIP Club.

Tonight looks like it’s going to be a bit slow. It’s 3:00 pm on Tuesday afternoon.
You go to the computer and create an SMS message “Special VIP deal, tonight only,
book by 6:00 or miss out – every booking gets a free bottle of wine worth $20. Go on,
give her a surprise.”

You create a list of 50 VIP’s and send the message out. As long as their mobile phone is
on, they will get the note within 30 seconds of the send. It will be delivered,
because the network guarantees delivery.

By 5:00 you are booked out. Cost?

5 minutes of your time, $6.75 for 50 SMS messages, plus the wholesale cost of each
bottle of wine.


Here is a problem looking for a solution.
Research has found that around 1 in 5 optin emails still get filtered out by nanny
state ISP’s who think adults shouldn’t think for themselves about what they want to

How does this affect you if you have an optin database of 500 folks who really want
to read your stuff?

Statistically 100 will never see your message.
Frightening when you figure what it cost to get those names in the first place?

You have a monthly email newsletter which goes out to your whole database.
But you are worried that some of your clients don’t get it, because of spam filters
on their ISP.
Most folks don’t know what a whitelist is, or how to set it up.


Your database is 500, and you really treasure the bond you have with your prospects
and clients.
They like you too.

When the email goes out, an SMS goes out too.
“Hi Frank, I just sent your copy by email of the Silver Bullet e-newsletter. If you
don’t have it please call so we can fix your spam filter – Rick”

Hard cost for 500 SMS messages?

It’s peanuts for marketing that makes sure folks actually read at least ONE of your
pieces i.e. the SMS message.

Do you see the power this can give you?

How often do you have a special deal for selected clients?
Need to fill up numbers because you’re short at a function?

There are heaps of other applications for SMS and email combined.

If you take the free trip at Murgent.com.au please tell them that I sent you.
And yeah if you become a paying client, I get a bit of cash too.
So what, you’ve now got a tool that gives you a very large edge which absolutley
no-one knows about.


Life’s short, so make it fun and profitable.

Rick Rakauskas

About the Author

Rick Rakauskas is a marketer and direct response copywriter in Australia. His clients love his eclectic problem solving approach. How can a Feng Shui consultant JV with a financial planner so both get results? www.cashmagnetics.com
“…the right words delivered to the right audience… every time”

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