How to use email.

Written By: Shawn Ventura

How to use email.

Email is an abbreviation for electronic mail. All email programs are similar. You can send and receive electronic email messages that you type on your computer, send and receive photos, documents and even video.
Open the email program, AOL, MSN, Hotmail have the email in the browser. Otherwise, open the email program on your desktop. Outlook, Entourage, etc.
Click on Write. You can Send To: (put in the email address you want to send a message to.) tech1@techpizza.com You can also Copy To: (additional email addresses) Subject: What is your email about? Type it here. In the big box below type your message. Then click on SEND. You will see a message that your email is sent. You will have many options. Font type, size, bold text, spell check, etc. You also can “attach” documents, photos or video to an email. Click on attachments at the bottom of the page. Find your file on the computer that you want to attach. Click open. Click send.
When you receive an email, you can read it, save it, keep it as new, or delete it. You can also “download” files that can be sent to you. You can click on download at the bottom of the “read” email page. Make sure you know who this email is from. This is how people send viruses and spyware. You can save it to your desktop and open the file.

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