How to Use Signature Files to Give Your Email The Personal Touch That SELLS

Written By: Alvin Apple

If you have a home business, then you’re probably constantly
concerned with getting your name and your business information
out there. You probably send out a lot of e-mails, post on
message boards, and submit articles to business e-zines. These
are excellent ways to get your name out there, but are you taking
full advantage of the visibility these forums create?

One of the best ways of creating new business is to include a
Signature File with everything you post, send or submit. What
exactly is a sig file? It’s that little bit of bio information
at the end of an e-mail, article or posting, usually a sentence
two with your url. This is your opportunity to let people know
who you are and to direct them to your business. If they liked
what you wrote, then they can immediately to your site and
find out more about your product or service.

Now you may already include your url at the end of your
correspondence, most business people do. That’s great, but is it
enough? Not quite. Of course it’s great to have your url so
that anyone who’s interested in what you’re saying can
immediately check out your business site, but wouldn’t they be
more likely to click if you included a short description of what
you do? The trick to a catchy sig file, is that one sentence
that makes you stand out. For example, rather than closing an e-
mail or posting with

Jerry Jensen

try something a little more descriptive and catchy, like

Jerry Jensen

Check out Jerry’s revolutionary approach to playing the piano at:

or take it one step further,

Jerry Jensen
Jerry can answer all your questions about playing the piano
professionally. E-mail him at Jerryj@ivories.com, or check out
his web site: http://playpianoperfectly.com

By adding that one line to your signature, you can totally change
the customer’s perception of your business, and that little extra
bit of information could be the difference between a trickle of
new business and a flood.

So you see, it’s not enough to just give an address, you’ve got
to give people a reason to click. You’ve got to spark an
interest in what you do. By creating a short, catchy and
descriptive sig file, you can really put yourself ahead of the
pack. There’s money to be made out there if you just know how to
do it.

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